Robbers hit Rhawnhurst take-out restaurant

It happened at Texas Chicken and Burgers on Cottman Ave. The gunman dropped wads of cash to the floor as he raided the register.

Surveillance photos

A couple of intimidating but inept armed robbers terrorized a restaurant cashier and a couple with an infant at a Rhawnhurst take-out restaurant on April 28. Police recently released harrowing video of the crime.

It happened shortly after 9 p.m. at Texas Chicken and Burgers, 2226 Cottman Ave. A gunman entered the front door, jumped over a cashier’s counter, pointed a pistol at an employee and demanded money from the register. Meanwhile, an accomplice stood just inside the door and prevented patrons from leaving.

As the gunman grabbed bills from the register drawer with gloves on his hands, he repeatedly dropped large wads of cash to the floor, only to haphazardly scoop some of them. He didn’t bother grabbing one of the plastic store bags that were hanging from a peg mere inches from the cash register. Ultimately, he shoved many of the bills in his pocket while leaving others strewn on the floor.

At one point, a couple tried to exit the restaurant carrying an infant in a car seat, but the lookout blocked the door and ordered them to return to a dining booth.

The robbers fled southbound on Oakland Street. Call 215–686-TIPS or text to PPD TIP to report information. ••

— William Kenny