Letter to the Editor: Pick up old campaign signs

It’s as inevitable as the sun rising in the east. Every election season, Philadelphia streets, lawns and even some utility poles get covered with political campaign signs, posters and stickers.

Just as inevitably, when the election is over, many of the signs remain, much to the consternation of neighborhood residents who want them properly disposed. We understand how such signage can soon become blight after an election ends. That’s why the Philadelphia Building Trades takes great pride not only in showing our support for our endorsed candidates through first class, union-printed signs, but also in collecting and recycling the signs once the election ends, win or lose.

It’s not too much to ask the same courtesy of all candidates for political office and their supporters. Candidates run on the premise that they love the city and its people. Prove it by picking up your campaign signs in a timely manner after Election Day.

John J. Dougherty

Business Manager, Philadelphia Building and Construction Trades