Op-ed: A student’s perspective

A high school student writes about Isabella Fitzgerald in the state’s House of Representatives.

By Anna Vien Nguyen

Isabella Fitzgerald is a wonderful new addition to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. She is passionate about the importance of education and safety. She voted to increase funding for schools by $34 million. She also stated that kindergarten should be a full day of school because education is not a part-time job. Kindergarten is already a full day of school in Philadelphia, and other cities should follow suit. She holds job fairs and workshops to teach people how to apply for jobs and housing. Education drives the future of Philadelphia and should be heavily invested in. Fitzgerald may be the solution to all the problems.

Fitzgerald wants to increase the minimum wage because families who are living below the poverty line simply cannot afford to pay for shelter and food. She also wants to pass legislation so insurance will cover breast density screenings so women can live better lives. Fitzgerald cares about Philadelphians.

There are some issues plaguing our beautiful city that need to be fixed as soon as possible. Allowing people to smoke at big SEPTA transportation centers is harmful to the health of people waiting for a bus or subway. Twenty-seven percent of Philadelphians rely on public transportation to go about their daily lives. They should not be putting their lives at stake while they wait at the transportation center with smokers. In addition, the police force and justice system in Philadelphia needs to do more to appropriately prosecute and prevent harassment and sexual assault. ••

Anna Vien Nguyen, of Olney, is a senior at Julia R. Masterman High School. Members of the senior class have been assigned to write about their state representatives.