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Celebrating Hanukkah

Seniors and preschoolers lit a menorah Monday at KleinLife to commemorate Hanukkah.

Local seniors and preschoolers sing Hanukkah songs Monday during a menorah lighting event at KleinLife in Bustleton. JACK TOMCZUUK / TIMES PHOTO

Seniors and local preschoolers gathered Monday at KleinLife, 10100 Jamison Ave., to mark the second day of Hanukkah.

The holiday commemorates the rededication of the temple in Jerusalem after King Antiochus attempted to force the Jewish people to worship Greek gods.

“For some reason, our history tends to repeat itself many times with leaders of different countries being afraid of the Jewish people and the fact that they choose to observe their religion differently,” said Shelley Geltzer, program director of KleinLife’s active adult division.

“We are a strong people,” she told the crowd at the candle-lighting event. “We are an educated people, and we will not be destroyed. We are survivors. We have proven that over and over again.”

Shelley Geltzer, program director for KleinLife’s active adult division, lights a menorah Monday during a Hanukkah celebration. JACK TOMCZUUK / NORTHEAST TIMES

The seniors and children sang blessings and Hanukkah songs after lighting the menorah.

Hanukkah continues through Monday. ••

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