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Boulevard speeders to be ticketed beginning Aug. 1

Mayor Jim Kenney signs legislation in June 2019 to bring speed cameras to Roosevelt Boulevard. TIMES FILE PHOTO

The Philadelphia Park Authority will begin issuing speeding tickets along Roosevelt Boulevard on Aug. 1.

Speed cameras were installed on June 1 at the following eight intersections: Banks Way, F Street, Devereaux Avenue, Harbison Avenue, Strahle Street, Grant Avenue, Red Lion Road and Southampton Road.

Speeders will get warnings in the mail through July.

The speed limit is 40 mph northbound until Ryan Avenue, where it becomes 45 mph. The limit is 45 mph southbound until Faunce Street, where it becomes 40 mph.

The fines are $100 for going 11-19 mph over the limit, $125 for going 20-29 mph over the limit and $150 for going 30 or more mph over the limit.

Fines will be sent through the mail. No points will go on a driver’s license.

Proceeds from the program will go to equipment, administration and police review of tickets. Remaining funds will go to transportation safety grants. ••

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