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Trump supporters rally at Frankford and Knights

Gene Wood wants four more years of the Trump administration.
From left: Lori Deck, Pat Merenda and Doris Urbanski.

About 200 people gathered at Frankford Avenue and Knights Road on Saturday afternoon to show support for President Donald Trump.

Supporters, many wearing pro-police shirts, waved American flags, chanted “Four more years” and sang along to God Bless the USA standing near a closed-down gas station. Even Elmo joined the rally.

Many motorists honked in support. Others gave the thumbs down, with one man shouting “Vladimir Putin” and another driver telling them to “burn in hell.” An anti-Trump man used a megaphone to deliver his message.

Among those in attendance were David Torres, the Republican candidate in the 2nd Congressional District, and Aaron Bashir, the GOP challenger in the 172nd Legislative District. ••

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