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Phony election

President Trump and his team of lawyers have called the 2020 election fraud and rigged. And to all those doubting Thomases, why is it so hard to understand?

With all this new technology and especially the new digital voting machines that were used in this election, there could be suspicion of fraud involved when the servers can be compromised.

Like in a court of law, presenting such evidence, especially the affidavits of sworn witnesses who testified under oath, could lead to a shadow of a doubt to any member of a jury.

So why are the Democrats and the media ignoring the possibility there could be voter fraud? So much for the integrity of investigative journalism. Can they even work honestly without spewing out fake news to the public and do some legwork investigating like the true newspaper reporter Clark Kent of yesteryear?

And to the elected senators and our representatives in Congress, aren’t they sworn to uphold the Constitution and protect the integrity of our country? So if the president cites there is a rigged election, then why are they just dismissing and calling it “crazy, delusional and nonsense.”

I ask you, if a fly lands in your soup, isn’t all the soup tainted? If there’s one piece of fraud, then the whole thing is fraud.

So what’s the point of us going out and voting if the opposition is just going to sneak their candidates in? Why waste my time to vote if my vote is going to be manipulated anyway?

And that’s why Donald J. Trump is fighting to preserve the integrity of our voting in America, like a true patriot of America should do and not dismiss it as “fake and crazy” by the people who don’t believe in upholding the Constitution and investigating the truth. If we don’t stop the fraud, then America is no better than Saddam Husein’s or bin Laden’s regime.

Al Ulus


Anti-business mayor

Kenney has jumped the gun with continuing the COVID restrictions on indoor dining, casinos, theaters, etc. until Jan 15. Kenney and Farley spew statistics left and right as to reasons for the shutdown. Well, their statistics aren’t holding again. The Christmas explosion didn’t happen and now businesses in the city will be closed for another two weeks because Kenney refuses to admit that he has made another “mistake.”

Can this administration chase anymore business outside the city. They have succeeded in chasing the tobacco and soda buyers to the suburbs. Now the citizens of Philadelphia have found new restaurants outside the city’s boundaries. How are Kenney and City Council going to pay for all of their social programs with greatly diminished revenues.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

Review mail-in vote system

There have been a countless number of articles and editorials on mail-in ballots. In my opinion, the most significant matter is not being addressed and that is timing. The initial rollout was during the primary and to say it did not go silky smooth would be an understatement. In fact, our governor established a precedent by extending the deadline. Mail-in voting should have never been allowed during a presidential election without considerable more battle testing. This should have been refined during several more primary elections. Then to make matters worse, we extended the date that I never recall until this year. Then we modified which votes were going to be counted.

I worked with statistics and actuarial reports my entire career. In many states that Biden ultimately won, Trump was ahead in some cases by a wide margin. When the counting started of the mail-in ballots, including the late arrivals, the numbers dramatically switched over to the Democrats. Statistically, this defies all logic since numbers just do not work this way. It has to at least make you want to make sure this was legitimate to assure future elections are above board and without suspicion. If we do not, elections in the USA will become just like those in a third-world country.

I am a registered Democrat and received four mailings from the Democratic Party urging me to vote by mail. It is my understanding the GOP did not have any mailings. It at least makes you want to ask why, or it should. As Peter Parker says, “It makes my spidey senses tingle.” This election will always be scrutinized and have a shadow of doubt over it. We all need to put aside our political affiliation and do what is right. The process needs to be reviewed and refined so future elections, with or without mail-in votes, are beyond reproach.

Anthony Dello Russo

Fox Chase

Sparing all lives

Judeo-Christian and Islamic texts say that whoever destroys a single life is considered to have destroyed the whole world and whoever saves a single life to have saved the whole world. Is this an unbreakable law when it comes to abortion, war, capital punishment or wearing a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic? Are there circumstances under which sacrificing some lives to save many others such as dropping the atomic bomb rather than invading Japan or resisting Hitler is the more moral choice? Let the debate begin.

Mel Flitter


Boyle strong on voter rights

State Rep. Kevin Boyle deserves our thanks. As minority chair of the House State Government Committee in the last session of the Assembly, he provided leadership in getting the following legislation passed: no-excuse, mail-in voting; giving people more time to register to vote before an election (15 days from 30); and moving the PA primary election to June 2 to keep people safe during the COVID-19 health crisis. Mr. Boyle did propose having mail-in ballots counted before the day of election to ensure a timely vote outcome yet the Republican majority declined to support this legislation. State Rep. Boyle has advanced several bills to ensure our right to vote, such as early voting that allows people to vote a month ahead of time, and requiring employers to offer paid or no-fault unpaid leave for workers to get to their polling place to cast a ballot. He also proposed to increase voter turnout by allowing same-day voter registration. Voters could register at their polling place on election day, instead of requiring preregistration weeks in advance. These proposals did not pass. It does remain that our election law needs review yet we cannot go back to previous policy that does not safeguard and promote accessible voting for all.

Now we have come to a place in our election process where trust has eroded and misinformation abounds. There is no evidence of widespread vote fraud in Pa., and state and federal judges across the country have tossed out cases filed for lack of evidence. GOP leadership has held that Pa.’s state law does not allow the legislature to pick its own presidential electors. Yet Republican House leaders did sign onto the letter calling for Congress to dispute the results in early January when the body certifies the election.

Now is the time for our elected officials, such as State Rep. Boyle, to speak out loudly against disinformation about the presidential election and the danger this causes to our democracy.

Karen Paulus


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