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The benefits of trees

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Rep. Jared Solomon last week presented $25,000 in state funding to the Tree Authority LLC.

The check presentation took place at Tarken Rec Center, Frontenac and Levick streets.

After the presentation, the Tree Authority, Solomon’s office and the WeLoveU Foundation cleaned up the area and tended recently planted trees on the Levick Street median and along Tarken’s perimeter.

Solomon said trees serve as a good aesthetic, uplift neighborhoods and give them a sense of pride. Pointing to studies, he added that trees help lower crime and make people healthier.

“This is a win for everybody,” he said.

Tree Authority owner Hasan Malik was grateful for the grant so his company can continue to plant and maintain trees.

“It’s a really exciting project,” he said.

Volunteer Jennysabid Ferreira spoke on behalf of WeLoveU, which helped plant the trees, saying her group was happy to return to help maintain them after growth.

Solomon and WeLoveU have had a longstanding partnership, teaming to clean streets, shovel snow and turn an overgrown dumping ground at Cranford, Loretto and Magee avenues into a park. ••

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