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Carjackings, stolen autos in the 2nd

Capt. Marc Metellus and community relations officer Mark Mroz spoke at last week’s meeting of the 2nd Police District Advisory Council.

Metellus came to the meeting from a crime scene on the 700 block of Disston St., where he said a man was randomly shooting a gun at parked cars and in the air. An off-duty detective apprehended him. There were no injuries.

As for specific crime statistics, the 2nd Police District has had more carjackings this year than any other district, including the perennially dangerous 22nd. As of the time of the meeting, there were 231 carjackings in Philadelphia in 2023, including 33 in the 2nd district. Metellus mentioned a March carjacking on the 400 block of Cottman Ave. An arrest was made, but the suspect was walking the streets the next day.

In a recent two-week period in the 2nd, there were 29 thefts from autos and a whopping 81 stolen autos. Of those stolen autos, 24 were Kias and 30 were Hyundais. Most of the stole autos were recovered.

Metellus and Mroz recommend that car owners buy The Club.

The next 2nd PDAC meeting will be on Tuesday, May 9, at 6 p.m. at the Philadelphia Protestant Home. ••

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