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Misplaced priorities

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Perhaps, a strong reason why the city is having such a difficult time pleasing its residents is that the priorities of some of its governmental departments are a bit mixed up.

Why was the Department of Parks and Recreation so concerned about the grass on the McArdle Recreation Center’s fields that it had to be mowed on Memorial Day when the employee instructed to mow was paid double time holiday pay. The department doesn’t seem to care about the dirt bikes that use the fields as a track or the gatherings that happen after 10 p.m. when the lights go out and the center is, technically, closed. Dirt bikes are not allowed on trails in the park system, why would they be allowed on recreation center property. As a matter of fact, they are against a Police Department directive. Both the dirt bikes and the after-hours congregants are trespassing on city property, which I would think would be illegal. However, apparently, grass is of more importance.

Linda Abby Fein

Pennypack East

Protect society

I would like to comment on the complaining that Mr. DiGiuseppe did in the letters to the editor, as he is not happy with many things.

First, I am glad that I hear sirens different times of the day, as I experienced my 25 years on the Philadelphia police force and the siren meant most of the time we were going in harm’s way so that you are protected.

I am glad to hear a helicopter overhead, as they are trying to help keep the officers out of harm’s way, as again, they are protecting you.

You should be allowed to walk the streets and not be attacked by a repeat offender. Sir, please tell me the name of 5 judges whom you voted for last election, as they are the ones who let them out over and over again. We just love locking up the bad guy and then the judges let them out.

I spent 13 of my 25 years assigned to the trial division of the police department every day in court, so I can tell there are a lot of good judges but a few who, if you knew them, you would never vote for them.

Robert W. McCann


Yes to 4 more years

The letter entitled “4 more years? No thanks” was so absurd and full of misinformation, it’s hard to find a place to begin. So I will begin at the end, “Are you better off or safer now than you were three years ago?” My response is a resounding, “Hell, yes!”

As much fun as it might have been for the writer to “own the libs” for four years, I wake up each morning knowing for sure that my president has acted with integrity, intelligence, class and good humor. Furthermore, there has been no president in the past 20 years who has passed more bipartisan legislation than President Biden. He successfully negotiated the debt ceiling agreement and, whether the writer likes it or not, he did so brilliantly and got the best side of that deal. He just knows how to govern.

Had Biden not won the election, Ukraine would be in the hands of Trump’s pal, Putin. Everyone reading this knows the truth of that.

Day to day we don’t have to worry that the head of the free world is hurling insults and petty retributions at his perceived enemies. In President Biden we have a man of God, who has walked with grief and loss, carries a rosary in his pocket and prays daily. I am deeply grateful every day that we got rid of con artist Trump who was found guilty (by a jury of his peers) of sexual abuse by one of the 26 women who have accused him of sexual misconduct.

The Washington Post Fact Checker cataloged a total of 30,573 false or misleading claims by Trump over his four years in office. So once again, let me state, every person in the United States is better off now than they were three years ago.

Thank you Joe Biden for being my president. Four more years? Bring them on!

Marguerite Sexton


She, not he

As the brother of 4 sisters and 2 sisters-in-law, the spouse of my beautiful wife, and the father of our wonderful daughter, I must speak up (for their rights and the rights of all biological women), in regard to women’s sports.

All of the women in my life have all participated in sports at some level over the past 50 years. Title IX was enacted in 1972 to guarantee women the right to compete in sports without discrimination. Sports and competition only exist in an arena of fair play. Men competing in sports against women is not fair. It’s just plain wrong. This is not what Title IX is all about.

Title IX never said anything about biological males competing in individual or team sports against biological females. Title IX never imagined that biological males would use and share locker rooms and showers with biological females. Most importantly, Title IX was meant to create a competitive landscape for girls and women to show their athletic skills on an equal plane.

It is not transphobic, homophobic or racist to insist that trans men (who are biological males) compete in the sporting world against other biological men. Straight, gay, trans, whatever. Be who you want to be. The world will not judge. Just compete in the world of sports against the right sex. This is not hard to comprehend. Girls compete against girls. Boys compete against boys. Simple right?

Tell your congressional representatives that we should let girls be girls in the arena of sports. It is not hateful to speak truth to power. It’s only fair and just. Let girls show “Girl Power” on the court, the track and the swimming pool. Support Title IX and women’s sports.

John Farley


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