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What were viewers thinking?

I was surfing the channels on TV one Sunday and came across a news show that was hosted by five women. All were beautiful and thin. I am not misogynistic or racist. I don’t want my children or grandchildren to lose out on employment or be ostracized when they are looking for a job in the next 30 years because I wrote this in 2024. But how many people were thinking they received that assignment since they are beautiful, thin and good looking and not for the knowledge they possess?

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Sadly, the Secretary of the Department of Defense was criticized for keeping his cancer diagnosis quiet and not telling President Biden or his close advisers. When explaining his reasoning, I was completely in agreement with his assessment that the sudden shock of a cancer diagnosis is overwhelming to anyone. Then he added especially in the black community. How many people were thinking why did he have to mention his ethnicity?

Recently there was an incident on 676 where a State Trooper stopped a vehicle that was driving recklessly, had tinted windows (not knowing who was driving) and registration was not correct. After a scuffle, the person was arrested. But during the arrest, his partner of the person who was arrested stated the reason for the stop was that he was black. How many people were thinking, yes, he was black, the vehicle had tinted windows, but did he drive recklessly, and did he have improper registration?

Joe Nadolski

Academy Gardens

Trump a man for the people

Wait, what … ?

Making American energy independent not dependent on foreign adversaries; deterring illegal infiltration into the U.S.; correcting inefficiencies of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA); historic funding of black colleges and universities; strengthening the military; bringing jobs back to the U.S. from overseas; a Tax Cuts and Jobs Act to cut taxes for 90% of all Americans that benefited women by providing new jobs and simplifying the tax code; no entanglement in foreign wars; making law and order a priority; and more (see the book Top 100 Trump Promises Made Promises Kept). But also, who remembers the day that the president sent out the Blue Angels for our enjoyment (I enjoyed from the hill at Burholme Park) or when the president was recovering in the hospital from COVID-19 and the street was densely lined with supporters to whom the commander in chief in appreciation sent out chocolate and pizza.

Why would anyone want to vote for Trump for a second term … ?

Melodie Shea


Insane commentary

Please consider reading the online version of the Northeast Times, where you can review some of the recent insane commentary by Trump supporters. One contributor wrote that “it can be very difficult to defend the bizarre and sometimes idiotic things that Donald Trump unfortunately says … ” And he’s right – I’m sure it is pretty difficult to defend an adjudicated rapist and a convicted fraudster and liar. Another contributor described recent criticism of Trump as “knitpicking” by the feeble-minded, and then spoke for God directly as if he knew God’s mind. Yet another contributor wrote a nearly incomprehensible piece, talking about TDS – Trump Derangement Syndrome. I don’t know what TDS is, but I don’t think anybody wants to catch it.

Their common thread is that they rationalize anything Trump says or does, and then they blame every problem that was caused by Trump on the guy trying to clean up the mess – Biden. Their wild accusations are riddled with easily disprovable falsehoods, and their rantings reveal the souls of deeply cynical minds, detached from actual reality. One contributor wrote that he’s using his “spidey-sense” to predict that our nation “will soon be no more.” He asserts that the nation is already “collapsing” and he believes that we are all looking “over our shoulders almost everywhere we go” and that “our enemies are in our backyard.” But here’s the thing – that is just not how most sane people think. Most people don’t live in some kind of crazy siege mentality. They can’t afford to be deeply cynical because they’re just trying to get a job done and pay their bills.

Please consider writing a short opinion piece for the Northeast Times. We need more serious and sane people to write about actual reality – those who understand that optimism is a core American value and that cynicism is cheap, lazy and an excuse of people who are weak-minded, short-sighted and unimaginative. Optimism means work, but optimism is our decision, our responsibility and our future. This is America, and optimism is the breath of our souls, and that’s something Biden understands as a core American value, and that’s one of the biggest differences between these two candidates. Given the choice, I’m going for optimism every time. Join me and express yourself here in this valuable public resource.

Michael A. Podgorski

Fox Chase

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