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There is a better option

The investigation and charges into leading labor officials, officers and members greatly saddens the leadership and members of the Philadelphia Republican City Committee. As a son of union parents and a beneficiary of union support in my own personal, political and professional life, the charges against Councilman Henon and union boss John Dougherty are reprehensible. They demonstrate a pattern of anti-union behavior, ripping off their members to finance their own high-end lives.

As a member of Republican City Committee leadership and having spoken directly to many other party leaders, it is my belief that this statement represents a shared consensus. Any person who takes advantage of union members and their families has no place in our city, our party or as an elected official. It is my hope that all parties involved cooperate with the investigation. I pass no judgment and afford all named in this indictment their innocence until guilt is proven, as I afford to any citizen. Regardless of personal affiliations, the law must be upheld.

It is no secret that I have been on the opposite side of John Dougherty’s support, both with my own race and others I have supported. This statement is motivated solely on the charges. The Republican City Committee implores all citizens of Philadelphia to recognize that there is always another option. We are an all-inclusive, multicultural, fiscally responsible and open-minded alternative to the machine that has ruled our city.

Jim Pio 

Secretary, Republican City Committee

Let’s eliminate polystyrene

There has been recent coverage on the fact that at least half of Philadelphia’s recyclable materials end up in an incinerator. As shocking as this is, we must minimize waste in the first place, because only 9 percent of materials are actually recycled. 

Polystyrene foam such as coffee cups and take-out containers are not recyclable. By eliminating polystyrene, it would take some stress off of waste management facilities and reduce waterway pollution. Plastic pollution enters our waterways and oceans, suffocates marine life, and ends up in our food system. The public should be informed of the scale of environmental issues surrounding single-use plastic, including polystyrene. 

State Reps. Joanna McClinton and Morgan Cephas should support Rep. Tim Briggs’ reintroduction of a bill banning polystyrene. We deserve our waterways to be plastic-free. Eliminating polystyrene and other single-use plastics is a good step to a cleaner environment.

Julia Albertson


Philadelphia is corrupt

The citizens of Philadelphia over the past week have seen numerous news articles pertaining to some individual in the high ranks of the Philadelphia unions. 

We, the people, are constantly looking to better our city, townships and communities, but how far will we really get when, every day, we are seeing more and more new information come to light about just how corrupt it really is. The news that has sent shock waves to me was that the soda tax was an idea to strong-arm local businesses and unions alike.

 As not being a resident originally from Philadelphia, even this doesn’t surprise me. There have been many words to describe Philadelphia in the past such as corrupt, content and most corrupt city. 

In my opinion, the word that citizens need to recognize once again is accountability. The way we are today is a direct outcome of how we don’t hold our elected officials here in Philadelphia accountable for their actions.

When are we actually going to fix Philadelphia?

John Zadzura


Thanks for helping vets

Thank you to everyone who generously donated winter coats, cold weather gear, scarves, hats and many other items to my recent collection for our homeless veterans. 

The items were delivered to the Veterans Multi-Service Center, 213-17 N. 4th St., to assist them in serving our homeless veterans. The donated items were especially needed recently, during the bitterly cold weather. 

Thank you to everyone for their generosity to the men and women who have served our nation.

Thomas P. Murt

State Representative, 152nd Legislative District

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