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Vaccine outreach appropriate

Richard Donofry chose to make himself persecuted. He decided his life has been impacted by redlining, claiming it “benefits the black population.” He correctly pointed out that the white population of Philadelphia is a minority, but praise his ignorance (let’s hope it’s ignorance). Let’s define redlining — a practice by banks and insurers to not give loans and limit services to individuals because of racial characteristics of their neighborhood.

Redlining, practiced for decades, largely restricting black Philadelphians from accessing loans to purchase homes outside of predominantly minority communities. Banks and insurance institutions refused to invest in African American communities because they benefit from keeping poor communities poor. Incoming immigrant groups lack access to loans because banks fear losing money — they’re structured to not trust immigrants and people of color. Of course, Irish people, Italians, Eastern Europeans and other white immigrant groups in Philadelphia assimilated and were welcomed to get loans, unlike African Americans, because redlining keeps black communities poor, disregarding that they’re just as financially competent as any other community.

Racism is real, Richard. Predominantly white communities have essential workers with access to internet, cars and resources to access the vaccine. They could get to the convention center without taking SEPTA, unlike those living in poorer, African American communities, which house many poorer essential workers with less wifi access and resources.

The Black Doctors Consortium vaccinated ZIP codes with low per-capita vaccinations, including the Northeast’s predominantly white 19116 ZIP code (that won’t fit your narrative). Blame the Northeast’s politicians for no sites here.

Vaccination is a communal effort to protect our city — hopefully you’re vaccinated, because thanks to Biden, leaders across Pennsylvania and committed public servants like the Black Doctors Consortium, we’re vaccinating many people.

Your hate isn’t welcome, but please, before writing another letter, do some research.

Viktor Kagan


Disgraceful comment by Biden

President Biden kicked off the speech by insulting 9/11 victims and war heroes alike by bizarrely claiming the Jan. 6 Capitol attack was “the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.”

An insult to the 9/11 victims and war heroes of Pearl Harbor alike.

Not that the Capitol attack wasn’t an outrage, but for perspective, official numbers have it at 5 dead and about 140 injured. With $30 million in damage.

Pearl Harbor resulted in 2,403 men, women and children dead and 1,178 wounded. Over $1 billion in damage and that’s in 1941 dollars.

Sept. 11, 2001 attacks resulted in 2,977 fatalities, over 25,000 injuries and substantial long-term health consequences, in addition to at least $10 billion in infrastructure and property damage.

Even the 19 Al-Qaeda terrorists and 64 Japanese attackers killed on those days of infamy are higher tolls.

To quote then-candidate Biden, “Come on man!”

Joe Jackson


Trans sports are infrastructure

In response to Jack Shen’s letter on April 14, I am sure you can have your own transgender competitions, with the appropriate funding in the infrastructure bill being introduced by the Democrats.

Tom Anderson

Holme Circle

Krasner’s staff too white?

We have an important election coming up. The last time around, less than 20 percent of voters actually showed up. Big outside money elected Larry Krasner, not you.

Unfortunately, we are getting Carlos Vega fliers stating Krasner has too many “white people” working for him. Bad tactic. Krasner supporters hit back with Vega is a secret “Trump supporter.”  (I guess that makes Vega even “whiter.”) Oye. Only in Philadelphia.

We had over 2,000 shootings last year with 499 murders. (Many more death cases are not resolved.)  The murder rate is even higher so far this year. Yet, inmate population has fallen dramatically.

It is a disgrace that so few people show up for the off-year elections. Do you think crime is a problem? Do you feel safe walking your community? Do you see how demoralized our police have become?

Forget the silly charges. You have a choice. Get out and vote.

Richard Iaconelli


No free tuition for illegals

I watched Joe Biden’s speech and it was a total washout as far as I am concerned. He said

nothing about stopping the illegal immigrants that needs to be dealt with immediately. The immigrants should not be given free college tuition. My son and I pay for his tuition and it is far from easy. We struggle and hope we can afford the next payment and yet you give it free to all the illegal immigrants. Maybe I should renounce the U.S. and come back in the country as an illegal. Would that work? Let me know.

Catherine Jackson


Cut the legislature

I have an easy cure. We have the second-highest number of state legislators in the country, 203 representatives plus 50 senators. We have more than California and New York. As unbelievable as it sounds, only New Hampshire has more than good old PA. Reduce our number proportionally based on our current population and the number of legislators in other states, and the problem becomes much easier to resolve. Reduce the number to maybe 100 and it would really help with the redistricting problem and help us reduce expenses during a very difficult economic time.

We need to run government like you manage a small business.

Anthony Dello Russo

Fox Chase

End mask mandates for youth sports

Two days before my 4-year-old started soccer practice at the recreation center in Parkwood, I was notified that the mask policy had changed. Instead of last fall’s policy, of only spectators and coaches wearing masks, all children would be required to wear masks WHILE playing on the field. I was furious. I would have never signed up for the league if I had known the new policy. Outside the city, players only have to wear a mask on the sidelines. After calling Brian O’Neill’s office, I found out that the policy is not voted on by City Council. It does not even come from our mayor. It comes from an unelected city health official.

I do not understand why we have stricter policies AFTER vaccines have not only been introduced but have been given to half of American adults. Who are we afraid of killing? Granny? She’s been vaccinated since February. Death rates among adults have dramatically plummeted and death among children with no previous health problems is essentially nonexistent.

When will these mandates and policies end? Society needs to look at the cost of having kids wear a mask for six hours in school and then having them wear a mask at practices outside. Some of these kids are wearing a mask for more waking hours than not. I am not anti-mask or anti-vaccine, but with more and more people vaccinated, shouldn’t we be taking our masks off, and not enforcing stricter masking policies?

I worry about new edicts to come for school and sports. Will it be required for vaccinated children to return to school in the fall? This vaccine is fine for older at-risk adults, but it is still not FDA approved (other than emergency use). We do not know the long term effects of the vaccine especially among young children. Parents need to wake up and say enough is enough.

AK Cross


No consequences for stealing

Mayfair was a great place to live. Good, close-knit neighbors, blue-collar families, low crime with good playgrounds and sports teams and great block parties.

I use the Wawa at Tyson and the Boulevard as an indication of the decline of Mayfair. I have witnessed people take whatever they want and just walk out without paying.

They fill cups of soda, leave and they are not stopped or questioned.

They tried putting an armed security guard in uniform but that didn’t work. They added another security guard without results. They now have a uniformed Philadelphia police officer assigned to the inside of the store armed with his sidearm and stun gun. The officers assigned to this detail are working overtime, getting time and a half.

I think these officers would be better placed to prevent the shootings and homicides that are plaguing our city. Even if these officers would arrest persons stealing from Wawa, DA Krasner would decline charges and the thieves would be back stealing in Wawa before the ink dries on the arrest paperwork.

Edward J. Rocks


Social skills needed

If you combine all the aspects of politically correct with the cancel culture, you come up with what I call a label philosophy.

Everyone has their own personal agenda. It does no matter what race, color, creed and nationality. Disagree in the slightest and all are so quick to say, “Oh, but they’re a ________”. “Oh, but that group is a bunch of ______________. Now, everyone has a right to their opinion and just as long as your comments do not advocate violence to anybody, then you have a right to say it. Unfortunately, many times this is not true, as too many of us scream for vengeance and revenge.

I am a Philly substitute school teacher and the best thing the district has done is add social skills lessons to its curriculum. Many of us have forgotten the concept of respect and tolerance. Did we all not learn this in Pre K and at home. This has to be the root problem regarding much of the plague of violence that affects us all. I am sorry to say that most of us have helped to create by either misguided approval or giving tacit approval by saying nothing. We all may preach the correct words but when we practice the art of being ourselves, almost all are guilty of labeling.

Ron Farbman


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