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What type of responses do you receive?

It is good to hear the feedback from Buy American Made supporters, as they are very informative. There are two responses most often heard by our supporters:

• “I’m trying to buy American made, but imported products now overwhelm just about every store where I shop.” Store personnel respond, “I only work here and have nothing to do with the items sold at the store.”

• Store clerks often say that people are asking for American made, and they are told to ask customers, “Does it really matter where a product is made as long as you can buy it when you need it?”

These are just a few responses our supporters encounter when shopping. However, it shows store personnel that people are more involved trying to buy American-made products.  Americans clearly see the degree of damage caused by outsourcing so much of what was made in America for years. We also see how important it is for us to support American made and help businesses in the USA expand the American-made label. In the last 35 years America lost the production of over 70,000 items formerly made in America for many years, but relocated to foreign countries, which caused the loss of millions of jobs for our fellow Americans, who represent our family, friends and neighbors.

To help us expand our campaign, make up a shopping list and check off what you found made in the USA and what you find only available as an imported product. Don’t hesitate to speak up where you shop and invite your family and friends to support American-made products. Thanks for your participation. American workers and future generations of American workers are depending on us. Your suggestions are welcome. Email them to Michael@AmericanWorkersRadio.com.

Michael Blichasz


Gill right for the Northeast

As a former City Council member, I know firsthand how the people of the 172nd District have been ignored for too long by their representative in Harrisburg.  

With out-of-control crime, rising inflation and continually underperforming schools, now is the time to take real action. And action starts with electing leaders who can and will make a difference – that is why I am endorsing Aizaz Gill for state representative. 

Aizaz Gill is a Northeast guy – raised in our community, attending St. Cecilia’s as a parishioner, graduating from Father Judge and today the president of the Burholme Townwatch & Civic Association. He knows our issues. 

More importantly, Aizaz has the proven skills to make a difference – and will support vital efforts to impeach Larry Krasner, implement school choice and control spending to combat inflation and help job creators.

If you truly care about the future of our neighborhoods – and want someone truly connected to them to be your voice – please join me in supporting Aizaz Gill.

Al Taubenberger

Former City Councilman 

Fox Chase

Gill is the best choice

As a law enforcement officer of 38 years, a lifelong resident of Northeast Philadelphia and a father. I am more concerned than ever with the rising crime facing our city and Northeast neighborhoods.

That’s why I am supporting Aizaz Gill for state representative in the 172nd District and urge my neighbors to do the same. The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 92 also endorses Aizaz because we know what Aizaz is, a fighter.

Aizaz knows our community. He grew up here, graduated from Father Judge and is deeply involved as president of the Burnholme Townwatch & Civic Association.

Most importantly, Aizaz has a smart plan to address crime and help restore our safety. He will support our police with the tools and funding they need to do a good job. He will work for tough sentencing requirements on criminals – especially drug dealers and those who use guns. When Larry Krasner shirks his prosecutorial duties, Aizaz will fight in Harrisburg to impeach him and replace him with a district attorney who actually prosecutes and incarcerates violent criminals.

I have seen Aizaz “in action” and I know he is the best choice for our community. He is the public servant we need now more than ever. 

George McClay


Fasten your seatbelt

Chris Bordelon, president of the Somerton Civic Association, was absolutely 100 percent correct regarding the need to provide presentations to all the civic organizations in the Northeast for the Boulevard traffic plan.

Back in the early 2000s, a presentation was presented to the Northwood Civic Association regarding making traffic/lane/modes of transportation changes to the Boulevard. Residents who attended were given the opportunity to learn about the project and were able to raise questions and concerns.

But here we are now, 2024, with a plan that is going to have a huge impact on the Northeast.

The Northeast residents via the civic associations is a perfect way to provide information regarding changes to neighborhoods. No better way to bring the Northeast residents up to speed via a more visible 2-way communication via the civic associations (sorry, no puns  intended).

Note: Recommend you look at documents Chris provided. Document states 18 community meetings and stakeholder meetings were consulted in 2021. Unfortunately, I missed those meetings. Then again, we were all dealing with effects of the COVID crisis.

Many changes from number of lane changes, speed limit changes and various new modes of transportation including recommendation of a subway line from Broad Street to Neshaminy Mall with subway stations along the Boulevard.

Buckle up and take a look.

Anne Watson


Putin’s puppet?

Politically speaking, these are challenging times. Complex issues cloud the air. What we need is clarity.

This simple rhyme is making the rounds in Philly; you might hear it wherever current politics is the topic of conversation:

Putin says to Donald Trump, “Hello my friend. Let’s see you jump!”

Trump does not ask Putin why, Trump says only, “How high?“

More than a few of us see this as delivering a clear message that cuts right through the fog of conflicting political opinions, and acts as a guide to the path we loyal citizens should follow, come Election Day.

Roland Williams

Pennypack East

Tax bill from hell

In early March 2022, I received from the Philadelphia Water Department a “stormwater charge tax bill” that unbelievably came 12 years late, close to $3,000 on my attached “side yard.” This made me deeply depressed for 10 months. Constantly for months I got the runaround from this city agency, they were not going to help me with this serious problem. They were forcing me to pay it without a fair hearing. Not having a chance against this powerfully run city agency, which not an average citizen of Philadelphia has, since being just a tiny little helpless poor person, I contacted Councilman Driscoll’s office in early November about it.

In early November 2022, his staff member Terry Devlin worked very hard for me and investigated my nightmare tax case. About 8 weeks later, in early January 2023, Terry’s investigating revealed the stormwater charge tax bill on my side yard was illegal. It can only be charged on detached side yards. A colossal error by the city Water Department.

This councilman is the real deal when it comes down to really helping the constituents of Philadelphia, who don’t stand a chance to fight these big-city agencies, because they can get away with murder. When it comes down to fighting for the poor people in Philadelphia, who are helpless against these corrupt powerbroker city agencies, Driscoll is surely your only hope.

If it wasn’t for Driscoll and his courageous staff worker, Terry Devlin, I would be paying an “illegal” $3,000 stormwater tax bill, which on top of that came 12 years late. And finally, I’d be hit with monthly “stormwater tax charges” on the side yard close to $25 a month.

Many Philadelphians are paying this illegal tax without even knowing it.

Jeremy Wilczynski

East Torresdale

Catering to illegals

Today, a national issue has become personal for me. I recently received a Medicaid determination that I make too much money for continued benefits. The income limit for medical assistance is $1,695, according to my Pennsylvania disqualification from benefits letter. My current disability income is $1,911.

Short history, I was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2013, and had successful surgery. Had major intestinal surgery in 2020. Had surgery for liver cancer just this January.

The national connection for me, I feel, is all of the stories I hear about illegal immigrants throughout the country. From the news, nearly the population of Pennsylvania has come into our country over the past three years. I see that besides offering these people taxpayer-paid health care, different cities and states are offering debit cards with as much as $500 per week. More than my disability and that much greater than Pennsylvania’s income limit.

Why are we importing more and more people, and giving them more taxpayer-paid benefits than taxpayers receive, while at the same time, telling the people who did pay into the system all their lives that they no longer deserve benefits they paid for?

Joe Jackson


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