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Apprenticeships a map to good jobs

By Dennis McDonough It’s back-to-school time. While returning K-12 and college students to class is always a challenge, the coronavirus is posing additional obstacles and prompting many to reevaluate their plans in a post-COVID world....

Letters to the Editor

Power to the people The leadership of America is reducing the quality of life for its citizens with the following programs: Defunding the police, not arresting criminals and not prosecuting them for their crimes, letting criminals...

Letters to the Editor

What mask mandate? Am I missing something? Front page of 9/8 Northeast Times shows Councilman Henon, Congressman Boyle, Superintendent Hite and others standing right next to each other, indoors, with no masks. Six feet distancing? What...

Letters to the Editor

  Welcome Mayor Kenney welcomed the future Democratic voters. He said they would receive everything they needed. Maybe all the homeless should mingle with the refugees and get what they need. Fred Wollner Holmesburg Martina is right on Thank you...

Letters to the Editor

Biden’s time is up Well that didn't take long, did it? Eight months into a new administration, the U.S. is a mess. Rather than focus on the myriad of problems and mistakes made since January, I'd rather...

Progressive politics have made Philadelphia the nation’s murder capital

By State Rep. Martina White Philadelphia recently became the most violent large city per capita in America, leading the pack in terms of murders. Why? This is a direct result of the failed leadership of...

20 years after – How did 9/11/2001 change us?

By State Rep. Joe Hohenstein Our experiences of Sept. 11, 2001 are, first and foremost, intensely personal. As Laurie Guadagno, sister of Flight 93 hero Richard Guadagno, put it: “The world changed. My family changed.”...

Letters to the editor

Stop spreading misinformation The COVID-19 virus is a deadly predator that has killed more than 600,000 Americans and left countless others with long-haul symptoms. Like lions after the weak and lame in a zebra herd,...

Repurposing former industrial sites means jobs for neighbors

It's not news that over the last quarter-century, the United States' manufacturing base has declined significantly, costing hundreds of thousands of workers their jobs and burdening communities with abandoned buildings and polluted land. That's...

Letters to the Editor

Italian Stallion People ought to know that Andrew Cuomo is very Italian. Italians are very warm, loving, touchy-feely people and are always kissing others. We all should know other people's backgrounds to understand how they behave. Could that...
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