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Repurposing former industrial sites means jobs for neighbors

It's not news that over the last quarter-century, the United States' manufacturing base has declined significantly, costing hundreds of thousands of workers their jobs and burdening communities with abandoned buildings and polluted land. That's...

Letters to the Editor

Italian Stallion People ought to know that Andrew Cuomo is very Italian. Italians are very warm, loving, touchy-feely people and are always kissing others. We all should know other people's backgrounds to understand how they behave. Could that...

Letters to the Editor

UPS is worried After hearing nothing appealing about the still-expanding million-square-foot warehouse, one can only interpret the recent full-page UPS warehouse ads as a sign that the public just might be asking far too many...

Letters to the Editor

Don’t re-elect Krazy Krasner It is going to be very interesting this fall with DA Krazy Krasner going up against defense attorney Charles Peruto Jr. One battle will be for DA, which hopefully Peruto Jr. will...

We are not out of the woods yet

  By State Rep. Joe Hohenstein We have spent the last 17 months in a global pandemic that has disrupted our lives and our economy and changed how we interact with one other. Some thought we...

Letters to the Editor

Rising murder rate Mayor Kenney brought in Police Commissioner Outlaw from across the country to reduce the city's murder rate. The murder rate has only grown substantially since she took over. Kenney's only excuse is that other...

Tobacco tax hike will hurt city

By Richard Marianos Congress is currently moving forward with aggressive policies that will significantly increase the federal tax on all tobacco products. This misguided policy won’t encourage smoking cessation, as it intends, but in fact...

Letters to the Editor

No masks in Catholic schools The Archdiocese of Philadelphia is considering making all kids wear masks again this fall. I do not understand why we are returning to old policies after vaccines have not only...

No early voting, only on Election Day

By Joe Gale The act of sabotage known as Act 77 is a scandal of epic proportions that both Democrats and Republicans are trying to sweep under the rug. This legislation not only sabotaged President...

Letters to the Editor

Blame Jimbo and Larry Amazing. Ten-thousand shootings since 2015. Guess who became mayor Jan. 4, 2016? Our illustrious Jimbo Kenney. I’m pretty sure we didn’t have the pandemic in 2016 through 2019. Then in that...
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