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Meditation Column: Pay attention to the things going on around you

The act of observing: to look upon another human, an object, a situation, etc. Some people observe to gain knowledge of something or someone. Some also observe to draw conclusions and understanding in order...

Eagles have improved in free agency

Free agency has largely come and gone, with most of the NFL’s attention turned toward the NFL Draft four weeks from now, so the question begs to be answered: What did the Eagles accomplish...

Letters to the Editor

Jared is right about Henon As an Oxford Circle resident for the past 40 years, I have seen a lot of deterioration of the neighborhood and the rise of crime. The only politician I have...

Op-ed: State should sue Big Pharma for opioid crisis

By Rep. Joseph Hohenstein On a recent Saturday, I participated in a cleanup of Deni Playground, right around the corner from where I grew up and where my parents still live. As I was leaving,...

Meditation Column: Get rid of mind-made stress

Stress in humans is a physical and/or emotional response by the body and mind to outside stimuli or internal mental thinking, resulting in the release of chemicals into the bloodstream. While its causes may...

Spadaro: DeSean Jackson excited to be back with Eagles

How much does a receiver who gets deep running a pass route as fast as any man in the NFL worth to the Philadelphia Eagles offense? DeSean Jackson thinks the answer is going to...

Letters to the Editor

The truth about taxes The Democratic media have again misled the public. Telling half the truth is a form of lying. Many people are complaining that their year-end refund is lower than past years. The...

Eagles expected to be active as free agency begins Wednesday

Now comes the fun part. We’ve waited since January for some Eagles action, and we’re going to get it when the NFL’s free-agency period opens on Wednesday at 4 p.m. The Eagles have done...

Letters to the Editor

No such thing as a free lunch Liberals and conservatives have different views regarding how much responsibility the government has for the welfare of its citizens. Liberals believe that the government bears a greater responsibility...

Meditation Column: Choosing to be tolerant can give you a different outlook

Tolerance includes the ability to accept or allow situations, observations, opinions, beliefs, etc. and even other people whom you may or may not agree with. The word also refers to an ability of the...
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