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Op-ed: Just say no to the mega warehouse

By Matt Jackson As a new resident of Bustleton, I am excited at the new beginning moving to a different neighborhood the city has to offer. I’m just about settled in. Since I moved here...

Letters to the editor

Speak up for unborn babies As we live in an era when human life is so devalued - so much so that one of our state representatives went so far to state that early miscarriages...

Murt: Don’t eliminate funding for Tourette’s syndrome

By Rep. Thomas Murt With budget season underway in Harrisburg, many departments, agencies and interest groups are competing for the commonwealth’s finite resources. One line item in the budget that I follow closely each year...

Letters to the editor

Poor speech by Trump In the Feb. 12 edition of the Northeast Times, a letter writer characterized Nancy Pelosi's tearing up her copy of Donald Trump's "State of the Union" address as "distasteful and disrespectful." In...

Op-ed: Still time to stop the big warehouse

By Chris Borderlon City Councilman Brian O'Neill won't introduce legislation to give people in nearby neighborhoods input into the proposed development of a very large distribution center at 1 Red Lion Road.  O'Neill declared his...

Op-Ed: Repeal the beverage tax

By David N. Taylor When Pennsylvania’s employers enjoy a competitive business environment, our economy thrives. But bad public policy – whether it is federal, state or local – can create a competitive disadvantage that hurts...

Invisible Man widens eyes

In its simplest form, Leigh Whannell’s The Invisible Man is a classic monster movie with modern renovations. When a woman finds herself being stalked and manipulated by her abusive ex-boyfriend, no one will believe...

Time to join the rest of the world on healthcare

By Mike Gibson Over the next few months, a lot of us are going to hear about the pros and cons of Medicare for All. To me, it's a no-brainer and the other 29 major industrialized...

Letters to the editor

Kenney out to lunch Maybe Mr. Kenney’s Chinese food luncheon created a bias that wasn’t there to begin with. He might have created a situation because of his typical political posturing and he might have...

Rep. Kevin Boyle: Some voting changes as primary election nears

The April 28 primary election is approaching quickly, and with it comes new changes that will make voting easier and more accessible. Being able to cast a ballot and make your voice heard during...
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