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Letters to the editor

Lousy mayor I recently bought a 12-pack of soda, and the price was very high and I asked the clerk to double check the price. It had to be wrong. He said no, it’s right,...

Time to end gerrymandering

By State Reps. Jared Solomon, Jim Gregory and Pamela DeLissio Crises loom everywhere during these turbulent times, so you would be forgiven if the issue of gerrymandering was far down on your list of priorities....

Letters to the editor

Not-so-stellar student When George W was president, all we heard for eight years was that he was a C student. Hopefully, the Republicans don't remind us that Joe Biden was in the bottom 10% of his...

Letters to the editor

Bring back the Rizzo statue I sincerely hope that our wimpy mayor has the guts to refurbish the statue of Frank Rizzo and put it back where it belongs. Mayor Rizzo was a great mayor...

Op-ed: Coronavirus proved why we need to make updates to state telehealth laws

By Dr. Peter R. Kowey and Thomas Martin COVID-19 has highlighted the need for urgent updates to telehealth laws in Pennsylvania. Sadly, PA Bill 857 was vetoed in April, mainly because of extraneous amendments to...

Letters to the editor

Not following the rules The NAACP was founded by whites, blacks and Jews over 100 years ago. Its mission is to protect against racial discrimination, which is kind of interesting from what they have so far...

Letters to the editor

Beware of the new toll road Now we have speed cameras on Roosevelt Boulevard, rather than implementing some common-sense things. Simple things like 85th percentile speed limits and making the yellow lights longer are good...

Letters to the editor

Kenney the jokester Did you hear the one about Kenney and the AARP? Mayor Kenney and AARP want to team up and create a "long-term, age-friendly, livable city - a community that is safe and secure...

Cancer during COVID-19: The ticking time bomb

By Dr. Pat Basu COVID-19’s impact goes far beyond the illness itself. Our lives have changed drastically in an effort to get the virus under control and ultimately “flatten the curve.” However, there is yet...

Amidst COVID pandemic, an education system reboot is needed

By Alejandro Gibes de Gac Amidst enormous uncertainty, the debate about whether to reopen schools — and how — is contentious. The only certainty is that in any scenario, kids will spend less time in...
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