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10 NE ward leaders endorse Parker

Ten Northeast Democratic ward leaders on Monday endorsed Cherelle Parker for mayor.

The Northeast Democratic Club consists of 11 members.

Endorsing Parker are Tim Savage, Connie Dougherty, Ralph Lett, Pat Parkinson, Jim Donnelly, Brian Eddis, Sean Kilkenny, Mike Driscoll, Jim Dillon and John Del Ricci. State Rep. Pat Gallagher was also at the news conference, held in the Dining Car parking lot.

Ward leader Shannon Farrell supports Maria Quinones Sanchez.

The club, which has grown from five members to 11 since forming in 2015, interviewed eight candidates for mayor before endorsing Parker.

Eddis cited issues such as public safety, schools and quality of life.

“She has a long history of bringing people together,” Eddis said of Parker, a former state representative and city councilwoman.

Driscoll served with Parker in the state House and Council.

“She knows how to get things done,” he said.

Parker, Democratic leader of the 50th Ward, said she is running on a platform of safety, clean streets and economic opportunity. She wants the police department to be proactive and supports community policing, including officers riding bicycles and walking a beat. She’d add street lights to boost commercial corridors. She wants school buildings to be open year round and be open to the community until 6 p.m. And she wants to rebuild schools with poor infrastructure.

In general, she wants to improve services in what she calls “middle neighborhoods” such as Northeast and Northwest Philadelphia. She said some city officials believe those neighborhoods don’t need much assistance.

“Under a Parker administration, we will not accept that,” she said.

Eddis said the club will support Parker via phone calls, canvassing and mailings. ••

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