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Inaction on guns

When you think about the recent shootings, there is a certain pattern. Mental health issues are top of the list. More than one weapon is found in their home or possession. And, the carelessness of adults who leave a loaded gun for a child to take. More times than not this leads to someone being killed or shot at. Many questions, and no answers to gun violence. When will it stop? When will stricter laws go into place about assault weapons? At this rate, don’t expect anything to be done.

Marie Patton

Fox Chase

Questions for Iaconelli

I have several questions about what Mr. Iaconelli said in his letter in the March 29 issue.

1) For what reason did Gov. Shapiro allegedly sue the Little Sisters of the Poor?

2) Which one did he sue? This is what I found when I Googled the name.

a) An assisted living facility on Chester Ave. in Philadelphia

b) A church in Hunterdon County, New Jersey

c) An assisted living facility in Brookside, Delaware

d) A religious organization in Totowa, Nebraska

e) A monastery in the Bronx

More information is definitely needed to make that claim credible.

3) The demand that people have a voter ID and being “too lazy or incompetent” to go to the polls in person. I know someone who is 104 years old and mentally sharp as a tack but severely physically compromised. How is she supposed to gather the information necessary to get the voter ID and take it to the correct place to register it as well as get herself to the polling place?

Also the voting system as set up 200 years ago did not need a voter ID.

Ronni Flitter


More positivity

It was wonderful to see some positive letters last week, Wasn’t it? Thank you to those who wrote in to change the subject. There is more to life than just politics. There is helping a neighbor, teaching your children and grandchildren, hanging out with family and friends, self care, trying something new. We cannot be happy or a good influence in our communities if we are always complaining about what is wrong.
My good contributions this week:
Do you need help fixing something around the house but can’t afford it?
Looking for something free to do with the kids or yourself?
Preschool storytimes and many, many kids programs at your local library, join the Book Club at Holmesburg Library, learn Chair Yoga at Torresdale or Fox Chase Library. Get computer help, go to a gardening program, craft program or a music program. So many great things.

Thank you again for the positivity and have a happy week.

Jennifer Baumiester

Thanks to Ready, Willing & Able

I first would like to respond to Jennifer Baumiester’s “Enough is Enough” letter (March 22). I, too, believe you catch more flies with honey (praise) than vinegar (sour puss attitudes).

An example of this is when I saw the great team of cleaners named “Ready, Willing and Able” along Frankford Avenue. I just couldn’t believe how clean the street was. There is usually a lot of trash because of the many various businesses in Mayfair. If the owners do not bag their garbage properly, it can be a mess. But this team of guys have come to the rescue. Just as I was thinking this, I saw two men in their blue outfits sweeping up the debris. I quickly pulled my car over to the curb to thank them for their service to the city. Without this group of hardworking people (actually commissioned by the present city leaders), this avenue would be terrible.

Hats off to this team of workers. I thank you, and I am grateful that our city recognizes that clean streets make a neighborhood happy & healthy.

Helene Labacz


Cheesesteaks for voters

Gym is trying to hide her socialist agenda. Not that it really matters. The voters in this city would elect a scarecrow if it was running as a Democrat and promised everyone a cheesesteak. The shame of it is these people get elected with 30-40% voter turnout in a good election. It would be interesting to see who would be elected if there was a 70-80% turnout. That would really give you the pulse of what the citizens want, not what the politicians want to give us.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

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