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Beware socialist-backed candidates


By Pete Smith

Terrorism is the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims, as defined by the Oxford Dictionary.

Despite what your feelings are about the conflict in the Middle East between Israel and Palestine, there is no way anyone can condone what members of Hamas did on Oct. 7. The horrifying and tragic images from their complex coordinated attacks on innocent civilians including women and children were not an act of war, they were a clear act of brutal terrorism.

It is no secret that organizations like Hamas and countries like Iran want to annihilate Israel and all Jewish citizens and they have wanted to do so for the longest time. Compared to our 9-11, the events that happened on Saturday have forced Israel into war, which will only cause more destruction and death in the region. What is even more horrific than what Hamas did is that people are celebrating these acts, under the guise of freedom. One group called the Democratic Socialists of America went viral immediately celebrating these actions and scheduling rallies across the country in support of Hamas. The DSA as they go by has chapters in multiple cities across the country including right here in Philadelphia, where over 200 people gathered this past Sunday to rally support of these terrorists. They are as their name states, socialists, and they want to spread their radical ideology throughout the country and especially here in Philly by endorsing the two Working Families Party candidates running for City Council at large.

As I have stated before, this Nov. 7 will define our neighborhoods and city. Philadelphia has been a one party-ruled city for well over 60 years and honestly the past 10 years has really seen a decline as more radical progressives have made their way into the administration. A decline that includes city services, quality of life and most importantly our public safety. The WFP is extremely dangerous, and they are looking to drive that decline even further, under the appearance that they represent working families. They are infiltrating the Democratic Party structure to push their radical socialist agenda, and this has Democratic party leadership scrambling.

If the two members of the WFP achieve their goal and take the Council at-large seats usually held by Republicans, there will be no more checks and balances, and they will be able to push their socialist ideology freely. If they are successful in doing this, you will see more companies leaving the city, small businesses will shut down in droves and unemployment will increase dramatically. Philly residents will have to seek goods and services from neighboring counties and New Jersey, costing Philadelphia huge losses in tax revenue.

Jim Hasher and Drew Murray are the embodiment of strong Philly working families, They’re fathers, civic leaders, coaches and business leaders, and will only be working for the citizens of Philadelphia.

On Nov. 7, say NO to this type of extreme behavior and the WFP, and say YES to Jim Hasher and Drew Murray. This should not be political, but they have made it so. ••

Pete Smith is secretary of the Philadelphia Republican Party and Republican leader of the 62nd Ward.

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