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Vote for O’Neill

I write today as the president of the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) Local 22 – your local Fire Fighters and Paramedics union – to announce our endorsement of, and strong support of, the re-election of City Councilman Brian O’Neill.

We endorsed Brian O’Neill for a simple reason: He is the best choice to ensure the safety of our families.

As the city councilman for the Far Northeast, Brian O’Neill has built an unmatched record when it comes to supporting Philadelphia’s emergency first responders, which is why IAFF, Local 22 is joined in endorsing him by the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5 – our police officers union.

Brian’s focus as a councilman has always been clear: make our communities among the safest and most family friendly in the entire city. Today, that is exactly what we are.

With so many challenges facing Philadelphia, our families and our neighborhoods, now is not the time to risk our future on untested leadership. We need to re-elect Brian O’Neill as our 10th District councilman. I hope you will join the IAFF, the FOP and countless of your neighbors in voting for Brian O’Neill – by mail or at the polls.

Mike Bresnan

President, IAFF Local 22

Thank you, O’Neill

This past week saw the Philadelphia Police Department enroll its largest class of cadets (93) since March 2018. We’re all aware of the shortage of police officers the city is facing, so to have the largest class of cadets in five years is a step in the right direction.

I would like to thank Councilman Brian O’Neill for his efforts in making that step in the right direction possible. Councilman O’Neill secured $4 million in funding in the city budget that would go toward police recruitment and training.

My best wishes to the new class of PPD cadets as they embark on their careers, and my sincere gratitude to Councilman O’Neill for fighting to protect his district by securing more police officers to keep Northeast Philadelphia safe.

Jerry Rocks Sr.


Spiderweb Halloween decorations dangerous to wildlife

There are some Halloween decorations that are dangerous and even deadly to wildlife – small creatures like chipmunks and squirrels but especially birds.

The worst and most dangerous of all the decorations that dangle, hang or wrap are fake spiderwebs. This is actually an indoor decoration that was never meant to be used outside.
Every year, wildlife rehabbers get birds trapped in this material that can be sticky and harmful to all birds from small sparrows to owls. Aside from injuries, a trapped bird can be a terrified target for free-roaming cats. Even if not injured initially, a bird can become injured and stressed and even die when people try to free it from this stuff. If you can’t or won’t take down this dangerous decoration, at least check twice daily, in the morning and evening, for any birds and animals that might be caught. If you find anything stuck, pull on the webbing, not the animal, to free it. Trying to pull a bird free can dislocate claws, wings and legs. If this is too difficult, please cut the webbing around the animal, put it in a box (cut air holes) or paper bag and take it to a local vet or either of these wildlife rehabilitators: Aark Center in Chalfont (215-249-1938) or Philly Metro in Norristown (267-416-9453).

Also, be aware that carved pumpkins and other Halloween edibles can attract unwanted wildlife. If you really like fake spiderwebs, please rethink where you put this decoration – indoors on the inside of your windows, not outside where it can harm wildlife.

Arlene Steinberg


Can anyone explain

Can someone explain:

Recently, I was stuck in traffic in the city when I heard a vehicle with the driver playing music loudly. I was listening to the song and could not believe what I was hearing. I did not know the song or the artist, so I taped it on my phone. I learned it was a Meek Mill song. I Googled the song for the lyrics and there were 40 N-words in the lyrics and 10 F-words, plus acts of violence. Can anyone explain why Meek Mill was crowned a hero by the 76ers?

In today’s world, the N-word is offensive to use in any context. Then can anyone explain why it is OK for Meek Mill to use the N-word 40 times while others have lost their employment/careers for misspelling or saying it. If it is offensive to anyone, then it should be offensive to everyone and not acceptable for anyone to use the N-word.

Can anyone explain, beside President Biden, why Bidenomics works? Cost of living is 17% higher since he took office (that is $709 more per month or $8,508 per year), the downgrading of U.S. debt (which means it is going to cost the taxpayers more to borrow money) and interest rates are the highest level in 22 years.

President Biden states that unemployment is the lowest level it has ever been, and more people are working now than any other sitting president, then can anyone explain why SNAP (food stamps) has increased to $183,000,000,000 (that is $183 billion) from $113,800,000,000, or more than $69,200,000,000 ($69.2 billion) since President Biden took office?

Joe Nadolski

Academy Gardens

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