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‘Mayfair May Fair’ poured on the fun

About 390 people took part in Saturday’s Mayfair Fallen Heroes 5k Run/Walk, while the Mayfair May Fair attracted some large crowds along Frankford Avenue until heavy rains came during the afternoon.

Mark Mulray (time of 19:30) and Kim Pawlowski (20:12) were the male and female winners of the third annual run, which takes participants around Abraham Lincoln High School, Pennypack Park and Austin Meehan Middle School.

Pawlowski is the widow of police officer John Pawlowski, who was shot to death in 2009 during a dispute between two men at Broad Street and Olney Avenue.

The Mayfair Civic Association and Mayfair Business Association sponsored the event. Proceeds benefited Hero Thrill Show Inc., which gives college scholarships to the children of Philadelphia police officers and firefighters who have been killed or disabled in the line of duty; the Sgt. Patrick McDonald Scholarship Fund; and Mayfair Memorial Playground.

The run was held in McDonald’s memory. His mom, Patsy, was in attendance. The fourth annual May Fair featured sidewalk sales, giveaways and prizes. Highlights included the 15th Police District Advisory Council community day at Frankford and Ryan avenues and a Philadelphia Soft Pretzel Factory-sponsored cheesesteak pretzel-eating contest, pony rides and Moonbounce at Frankford and Bleigh avenues.

The local business and civic associations presented two awards.

Mayfair Shop n Bag, at 6420 Frankford Ave., was named Business of the Year.

Reese Hartey, who has served for 12 years as chairman of the Mayfair Community Development Corp., received the Public Servant Award. He’s leaving his post on May 27.

The 15th PDAC honored Kathy Fanning, the crossing guard at Rowland Avenue and Wellington Street. She has served for more than 26 years.

Here are the results of the Fallen Heroes Run:


Overall: 1. Mark Mulray, 19:30; 2. Steve Pape, 20:12; 3. Charles Robierowski, 20:57.

19-under: 1. Gregory Kovacs, 24:08; 2. Jake Curran, 26:03; 3. Brad McDermott, 26:08.

20–29: 1. Steve Costello, 21:20; 2. Dennis McGrail, 22:15; 3. Daniel Brennan, 22:42.

30–39: 1. Chris Leary, 21:17; 2. Ryan Lowry, 21:25; 3. Michael Haney, 21:58.

40–49: 1. Mike Brown, 21:22; 2. William Terry, 23:21; 3. Michael Foley, 24:40.

50–59: 1. Joseph Smith, 22:00; 2. Dennis O’Rourke 22:21; 3. Robert Montgomery, 25:04.

60-over: 1. Stu Madres, 23:29; 2. William Toffey, 25:16; 3. George Roddy, 25:59.


Overall: 1. Kim Pawlowski, 20:12; 2. Kait Tait, 23:26; 3. Margaret Ries, 23:41.

19-under: 1. Kaitlynne Brown, 27:13; 2. Hannah Cochrane, 27:42; 3. Claire Cochrane, 27:44.

20–29: 1. Gina Felice, 24:03; 2. Kelly Ryan, 24:07; 3. Emily Gelings, 24:49.

30–39: 1. Susan Daugherty, 23:48; 2. Kelly Smith, 23:49; 3. Megan Whalen, 24:46.

40–49: 1. Christine McShea, 24:05; 2. Lorie Henninger, 28:38; 3. Kimberly Berner, 30:10.

50–59: 1. Judith Taggart, 27:53; 2. Dawn Grob, 29:52; 3. Debby McGrail, 30:21.

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