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Editorial: The mayor is right

“You want to have children? Take care of them.”

So said Mayor Michael Nutter Tuesday morning in an interview on CNN. Of course, the mayor said a whole lot more than that over the weekend, especially Sunday at the West Philadelphia church where he’s been a member for 25 years.

In blasting the “flash mobs” of black youngsters who in recent weeks have engaged in violence and near-riots in Center City, and in announcing a crackdown on those thugs and their parents, Mr. Nutter is right on the money.

Contrary to what some misguided people may think, the mayor wants the entire city — not just the white community — to know he means business when he calls for an end to the mayhem.

Never mind that if the mayor were white and made those same comments, race-obsessed trouble-seekers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would crawl into town to hold protests and call for the mayor’s head.

The crackdown on the mobs of unruly youngsters should not go unnoticed in Mayfair, which, on those rare occasions when a Philly sports team wins a championship, sees thousands of celebrants converge at Cottman and Frankford avenues.

Taking to the streets to mark a sports victory is OK as long as the demonstrations don’t adversely affect the quality of life for the community as a whole. By and large the events are free of violence — perhaps because the celebrations are anticipated and police saturate the area.

Let Mayor Nutter’s reaction to the Center City violence be a warning to folks in Mayfair and the entire city: Behave yourself or the criminal justice system will teach you a lesson you’ll never forget.

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