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Editorial: Send a message

Four angry men. The Courageous Quartet. Two Republicans, two Democrats. Bobby Henon, Joe McColgan, Bill Rubin and Al Taubenberger.

Remember those names when you vote next Tuesday.

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Of all the men and women on the ballot to fill City Council’s 17 seats, Messrs. Henon (6th district), Rubin (10th district), McColgan and Taubenberger (both at-large) are, sadly, the only ones brave enough to have publicly promised not to vote for Marian “DROP Queen” Tasco for Council president when the new Council takes office in January.

By refusing to give Ms. Tasco a verbal spanking for taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in DROP retirement money but not retiring, all of the other Council candidates are anti-taxpayer.

Yes, they have the legal right to remain silent on their picks for president, but their silence is immoral and speaks volumes. You, the voters who have gotten the shaft from greedy politicians like Ms. Tasco and her cronies for far too long, have the right to punish Council candidates who tolerate Ms. Tasco’s shenanigans. Do not vote for them on Tuesday.

In the at-large race, voters can select up to five candidates for seven seats (two seats are reserved for Republicans). Voters across the city should think outside the box by voting for Messrs. McColgan and Taubenberger twice — once the regular way, by pushing the buttons next to their names, and then by casting their names in the write-in slots on the ballot.

Anti-DROP Mayor Michael Nutter, who will win a second term Tuesday by demolishing Republican “challenger” Karen Brown, should show some spine by publicly acknowledging that Ms. Tasco is not ethically fit to lead Council.

Send letters to: pronews@bsmphilly.com

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