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Big changes in Northeast’s police units

Monday was move-in day at the Philadelphia Police Department’s Northeast Division headquarters in Mayfair as new commanders took over the division’s three highest-ranking patrol positions.

Inspector Michael Cochrane became the new Northeast Division commander, while Capts. Frank Palumbo and John McCloskey took control of the 2nd and 15th districts, respectively.

Both districts are based on the first floor of division headquarters at Harbison Avenue and Levick Street. The division command is on the second floor, along with the Northeast Detective Division, which remained under the command of Capt. Jack McGinnis.

Four patrol districts comprise the division. The 7th and 8th districts are based in the Far Northeast and did not see command changes.

Mayor Michael Nutter and Commissioner Charles Ramsey announced sweeping command-level changes throughout the city on Friday. Ramsey appointed new bosses at five of the city’s six patrol divisions and seven of its 21 districts among 36 total changes. The commissioner said the moves will improve the department’s organizational efficiency and help it compensate for the imminent retirement of numerous senior commanders through the city’s deferred retirement program, known as DROP.

Four of the department’s nine deputy commissioners have retired or will soon retire, said Ramsey, who appointed just one new deputy to replace them. Deputy Commissioner Denise Turpin will oversee the Office of Professional Responsibility, which includes Internal Affairs.

The outgoing deputy commissioners include Patricia Giorgio-Fox, John J. Gaittens, Charlotte Council and Stephen T. Johnson.

Cochrane, was most recently assigned to Command Inspections Bureau — a pool of commanders who oversee the department’s operations during nighttime hours. Prior to his promotion to inspector, he commanded the Highway Patrol unit as a captain. Cochrane replaces Inspector John Heath, who was transferred to Special Operations.

McCloskey and Palumbo also were most recently assigned to the Command Inspections Bureau. McCloskey now replaces Capt. Frank Bachmayer, who was transferred from the 15th district to Narcotics Strike Force. Palumbo replaces Capt. Michael McCarrick, who was promoted to inspector and transferred from the 2nd district to the East Division headquarters. ••

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