Pennypack Park cleanup a success

Forty-four volunteers collected 78 bags of trash and other large debris last Saturday during the Friends of Pennypack Park’s first monthly clean-up of 2013.

Workers focused on the area of the park near Holme Avenue behind Nazareth Hospital, including dirt hiking paths, paved bicycle paths, the grassy median strips on Holme Avenue and the ball field directly behind the hospital. In addition to the 78 bags of light trash, volunteers gathered four bags of cans for recycling, a beer keg and various large household items.

The objects included a couple of beer taps, milk crates, lawn furniture, caulking supplies, a flower pot, a suitcase, decorations, a steel cabinet drawer, a bar stool, a backpack, a St. Hubert’s tote bag with empty six-pack holders in it, foam insulation, PVC pipe, sneakers, sports equipment, car parts, a police barricade, damaged political signs, about 50 copies of the Northeast Times, various articles of underwear and a couple of area rugs.

In addition to the usual complement of FOPP member volunteers, 15 students from Father Judge, two from St. Hubert and one from Central High, along with three parents and one teacher, joined the clean-up.

“The students learned some valuable things. St. Hubert’s students think that you should not leave your underwear in the park. The Father Judge students learned that a lot of people who walk in the park and along the park perimeter throw their water and Gatorade bottles in the park,” said Nance Kerns, who heads the FOPP’s clean-up committee.

“They knew about the people throwing trash out of cars, but to be walking or jogging and littering is just a little too personal somehow. They said that people who use the park should be more considerate.”

The next FOPP clean-up will coincide with Earth Day on Saturday, April 27, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The public is invited. Volunteers should meet at Rhawn Street and Lexington Avenue. In case of rain, the event will be on April 28. Volunteers should wear pants, long sleeves and comfortable footwear with closed toes. The FOPP will supply gloves, other equipment and refreshments. Call 215–934-PARK for information. ••