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Letters to the Editor (July 10, 2013)

Gov. Corbett tries to pull a fast one on seniors

The final two weeks of June saw a lot of excitement in Harrisburg and very little action. Unfortunately, the needs of the people of Northeast Philadelphia were not addressed.

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In the final days of budget negotiations, under the nose of the Pennsylvania voters, Gov. Corbett made another shadowy attempt to sneak in the outsourcing of the Pennsylvania Lottery to a UK firm. It could not be clearer that the governor is placing private interests above the good of the people of this commonwealth.

Every dollar that the governor intends to take away from the Pennsylvania Lottery and divert to a firm is a dollar taken away from crucial programs that benefit seniors across the state. The lottery has contributed more than $22.6 billion in assistance for low-cost prescription drugs, free and reduced transit fare, property tax and rent rebates, long-term living services and senior centers.

What’s more is there is no reason to outsource the lottery. It has never been more profitable. As a matter of fact, Gov. Corbett’s privatization scheme has already cost the people of Pennsylvania $4.4 million in payments to consultants.

How can Gov. Corbett justify placing more burden upon our seniors? The real answer is that he can’t. The governor may attempt to use spin in order to convey that there is too much government in government, but his agenda is costing us dearly.

Although Gov. Corbett was unsuccessful in his most recent attempt to pull a fast one against the people of Pennsylvania, we can be sure that these underhanded attempts will continue in the fall. Upon returning to Harrisburg in September, I intend to make it clear that the interests of seniors, and all the people across Northeast Philly, are not for sale.

State Rep. Brendan Boyle

Remove the dam on Pennypack Creek

The dam on the Pennypack Creek at Roosevelt Boulevard should be removed.

It no longer serves any purpose, adds to upstream flooding, blocks fish migration and is a deathtrap for teenage boys.

Neil J. Rosen


Great job by Tara

I would like to congratulate my granddaughter, Tara Behr, for winning second place in an art contest. Her art teacher entered her in the annual Dan Ezzio Memorial Tri-State Labor Day Art Contest. At the annual AFL-CIO Labor Day Parade, Tara has been invited to ride on the float with the other four winners.

Tara goes to Northeast High School. She is in the magnet program. Her report card was great, and she will be a senior now. I am so proud of her, as is her family.

Alma Hoffman

West Mayfair

Holocaust museum educates the public

Respectfully replying to Leonard Roberts’ letter of June 26, the legislation proposed by Rep. Brendan Boyle and Mr. Feldman was not just for the Holocaust of the Jews and Hitler’s “Final Solution.” That is not what the Holocaust Awareness and Education Museum is about. Reading the books is necessary and beneficial, and has impacted many people. But to view the Holocaust as a tragedy that happened in the past is to miss the point of the museum’s mission.

The Holocaust was not “just” about the Jews and Hitler. It is not about legislating any one ethnic, religious, cultural, racial or other type of group. Bigotry, prejudice, intolerance, ignorance and hatred do not respect these boundaries. Look at North Korea (prison camps holding tens of thousands or more). Look at Greece (internment camps for “migrants”). Look at Darfur and other places of war, genocide and unspeakable violence in Africa. There are other places also, too many to mention. Genocide, prejudice and racial/ethnic cleansing and violence are still happening around the world — and (according to some) in America. Hitler died a long time ago, as did other violent dictators — but the violence continues.

The saying, “Those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it,” bears consideration here. The way to learn from the Holocaust and to stop the ones that exist now is to study what causes it, and listen to the survivors. Turning a blind eye and pretending they don’t exist anymore just allows them to grow like a malignant cancer.

As for the advice to “find a college that offers more details on such subjects” — not everyone can afford college classes. And this also is the purpose of the museum — to educate and spread awareness which, if the legislation had been passed, would have made this education accessible to all schools and to all populations.

To learn more about the museum visit www.holocaustawarenessmuseum.org or call 215–464–4701 for more information.

Kim Wilson


Obama’s comments in Ireland were divisive

I wish to comment about Obama’s recent remarks in Ireland in which he stated that Catholic and Protestant schools are divisive. On the contrary, Mr. President, I have been a CCD teacher for about 15 years, and one thing that neither I, nor the Church teachings, will stand for is divisiveness. We teach respect for all peoples and faiths as I am sure do any other Christian and Jewish schools that adhere to their own principles.

If a particular faith wants to have its own school where their religion is taught, or their standards upheld, I fail to see the problem. Certainly a core curriculum must be adhered to, but so long as that is done, and no law broken, there should be no criticism.

It is especially sad that Obama chose a place such as Ireland, which has had its own divisions for so many centuries, to try to reopen old wounds with his own agenda of intolerance.

Leonard T. Roberts


Gay parents can raise children just fine

Richard Iaconelli, that’s awfully caring of you that you seem to be concerned with what a girl reaching puberty or a boy reaching manhood needs.

You may say that people resort to name-calling, well, when you re-read your letter from June 5, there’s a new way to put a spin on name-calling. I love how you say “gay man as her mother” and “lesbian dad.” Are you trying to be a comedian?

Who cares where any parental support comes from, whether it be a lesbian mom or a gay dad? Kids are screwed up enough as it is without both parents being in the picture. Where are your angry letters to single parents?

I’m sorry, but the rights and needs of children know no sexual orientation. As long as they get the love, support and care from their straight, gay, lesbian, transgendered or bi-sexual parent, why be so concerned?

Did you ever check out the video on YouTube that Mr. Alexander suggested you watch? Despite what you think, children will be just fine when raised in a household with lesbian or gay parents. I have many friends with well-behaved, wonderful, intellectual children who do not need your concern. I’ve seen more screwed-up kids in a “traditional” household. What are you afraid of, Richard? What are you so concerned with?

I don’t think that a son of two gay fathers will “catch” anything that will make the son gay.

Most of these anti-gay rants make me laugh, because it’s almost as if the homophobes are afraid homosexuality might rub off on them (sometimes I think a lot has to do with suppression).

I think your focus should be on the children who are committing crimes, roaming the streets well past dark and ones who need love and support. Guaranteed, those children aren’t the ones with the lesbian mommy or gay daddy.

I see your point, I get your concern, and I still stand by my initial letter to you: return to your rock, sir.

Heather Steinberg


Big mouths for gay marriage are all talk

I’ve grown quite weary of people attacking me personally for my opposition to gay marriage.

I remember back in the 1980s, the Philadelphia Department of Health funded a cutting-edge video called, “AIDS: A Matter of Life.” The documentary went into the homes of dying gay men, black churches, even a prison, warning of the fatal links between drugs and AIDS. The video was widely distributed, comforted many, and may have saved lives.

I directed that video — yes, me the “hater.” I ask the big mouths who criticize me — how many gay lives have you touched?

If anyone wishes to know the harm gay parenting can do to children, please read the essay “Growing Up With Two Moms” by professor Robert Lopez. He is now 41 years old and has never gotten over the problems related to his upbringing. He knows other children of gays who have serious depression, drug and social problems. (Read it at: thepublicdiscourse.com.)

A society must be judged on how it treats its most defenseless members — I stand proudly in defense of children. The fact that so many do not is a national disgrace.

Richard Iaconelli


Elect Schwartz to bring gay marriage to Pa.

On June 26, 2013, the Supreme Court struck down Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act, which forbade federal recognition of gay marriage. Like other Americans, I was exhilarated to see that the Supreme Court’s vote reflected America’s growing acceptance of the LGBT community.

However, in Pennsylvania, the state government has continued to restrict the marriage and rights of LGBTs through discriminatory laws. Every other state in the northeastern United States allows same-sex marriage except New Jersey, and it allows civil unions. Pennsylvania doesn’t even allow civil unions.

Nonetheless, there is hope for someone who can change these laws to ensure a bright future for the LGBT community. Allyson Schwartz knows the importance of equality under the law for all individuals; in fact, she was one of five state senators who voted against Pennsylvania’s DOMA. Pennsylvania needs Allyson Schwartz, who will help guarantee the LGBT community their rights in Pennsylvania and stand up for the equal protection of all individuals under the law.

Talaial Alina


Dems promote a Nanny State

It looks as though the IRS and Department of Justice are operating as the Gestapo for the Obama administration.

Conservatives targeted as well as Christian groups but not a single liberal group. Some things just don’t smell right. The IRS is scary all the time, and with the IRS taking control of Obamacare, it will become a nightmare.

The two-party system in the last five years has become one big screw-up. The ideology on both sides has become unbearable. The Democratic Party believes the American people are stupid and need someone like Mother Government to guide them. From cradle to grave, the Nanny State is needed. The American Dream to be all you can be is out the window. In fact, you are now punished for accomplishing success.

The Republicans (at least the RINOs) have their heads in the sand about taxes on anyone. They credit the American people with enough smarts to understand what’s going on but I believe they’re wrong on that.

The American people have learned to accept socialism and entitlements. By the end of the Obama term, the country will probably be maybe 70 percent on some type of government assistance. Food stamps are out of control.

The American people have short memories, unlike other cultures. They don’t seem to care that four Americans died in Benghazi because of incompetence at the state department and our White House.

The stonewalling for the last 10 months is astonishing, and we still don’t know what happened. Who changed the talking points, who gave the order to stand down? Whose idea was it to use the YouTube video as an excuse for the attack, and why did it take so long for the truth about the video to come out? Where is the outrage?

They seem to have no interest that the government involved in “Fast & Furious” cost an American border guard his life as well as thousands of Mexicans. Two years later, we still know nothing.

Sad to say, but I believe the Dems have it right. The American people are leaning more to the stupid side and need guidance by making government bigger.

Our youths are being brainwashed by the overwhelming amount of liberal teachers all practicing their ideology on our kids from kindergarten through college. Overwhelmingly, our schools are staffed by liberals.

William Walters


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