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15th PDAC elects officers

Members of the 15th Police District Advisory Council will be electing the organization’s officers during their Dec. 30 meeting at the Mayfair Community Center.

Mike Thaete, president for the past three years, won’t be running for re-election. He resigned his post in late October.

PDAC’s members aren’t drawn from the general public. Most members represent local civic or Town Watch groups as well as churches or businesses. The 15th PDAC has about a dozen members who meet monthly with police to discuss area problems and anti-crime strategies and then take the information back to their own organizations.

Allan Leppert of Tacony-based Two Steps Forward, One Step Back was nominated for president during the PDAC’s Nov. 25 meeting in the Mayfair Community Center.

Dan Murray, who represents St. Timothy’s parish, was nominated for vice president.

Seeking re-election to the PDAC’s board are treasurer Pete Specos, secretary Phil Pappas and Gina Panchella, who handles public relations.

Leppert presented Specos with a plaque to honor his long neighborhood involvement. Specos is the president of the Frankford Civic Association and the group’s zoning officer. He also is active in the 15th’s PSA 1. Members of the general public can attend PSA meetings to discuss area problems directly with officers. The 15th District is divided into three Police Service Areas. Each has a lieutenant and specific officers assigned to it. PSA 1 is the district’s southernmost third and includes Frankford and Northwood.

The PDAC conducts several events during the year. On Nov. 23, it hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for area residents in the church hall of Mater Dolorosa. On Dec. 7, the PDAC is sponsoring a dinner for officers. On Dec. 10, the PDAC will have a Christmas party for kids at the Mayfair Community Center on St. Vincent Street. ••

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