Burholme residents learn hands-on CPR

Tim Hinchcliff, managing director at Burholme Emergency Medical Services, recently explained the importance of knowing hands-on cardiopulmonary resuscitation when an individual has collapsed suddenly.

“You can mean the difference of them surviving or not,” he said.

Hinchcliff spoke at last month’s meeting of the Burholme Community Town Watch and Civic Association. Burholme EMS, based at 830 Bleigh Ave. (near Oxford Avenue), is in its 80th year.

Call 911, Hinchcliff told guests at the meeting that, if you see someone who has collapsed and if the person is unresponsive and not breathing, begin chest compressions.

Place the heel of one hand on the center of the chest and the heel of the other hand on top of the first hand, lacing your fingers together. Push hard and fast, compressing the chest at least two inches and compressing at least 100 times per minute for adults and children. Let the chest rise completely before pushing down again.

Don’t worry about how hard you are pressing.

“They can fix ribs,” said Hinchcliff, who used a mannequin to demonstrate.

American Heart Association-certified, hands-on CPR classes are held at Burholme EMS. Call 215–725–4030 or visit www.burholme.org

The American Heart Association can teach the procedure, to the tune of Stayin’ Alive, online at handsonlycpr.org

“It’s so easy to learn,” Hinchcliff said.

The nonprofit Burholme EMS has 6,000 subscribers. Ambulances average a three- to five-minute response time.

To reach the Burholme EMS emergency hotline, call 215–745–1550.

In other news from the Nov. 14 meeting:

• Nick Croce, owner of Croce’s Pizza, at 7400 Lawndale Ave., received a plaque for his shop’s victory in the inaugural Best of Burholme pizza contest. Several hundred people tasted pizza from local shops at a prior Town Watch/civic association meeting and voted Croce’s the best.

• Neighbors unanimously supported legalization of a 6-foot-high decorative fence on a property at 1314 Shelmire Ave. The homeowner needed approval of the Zoning Board of Adjustment because the legal height is 4 feet.

• The Town Watch/civic association thanked Family Financial Services, businessman Frank Huynh, Chuck’s Alibi and the offices of state Reps. Brendan Boyle and Kevin Boyle for their assistance during a recent cleanup of the five points intersection of Cottman, Oxford and Rising Sun avenues.

• Nick Himebaugh, an aide to state Rep. Brendan Boyle, spoke of the lawmaker’s introduction of legislation that would create a maximum ratio of students to counselors for public schools.

Himebaugh also explained that, due to redistricting, Boyle’s office on Rising Sun Avenue in Burholme will likely close and move to somewhere in Parkwood or the Far Northeast.

• Cub Scout Pack 160 and Boy Scout Troop 226 are accepting members from first grade through 18 years old. Call 215–620–5828, email committeechair@pack-160.com or visit www.pack-160.com

• The Burholme Community Town Watch and Civic Association will meet again on Thursday, Dec. 12, at 7 p.m. at United Methodist Church of the Redeemer, at 1128 Cottman Ave. (at Lawndale Avenue).

The guest will be Mary Bell, community liaison for the Immaculate Mary Home. Afterward, the Redeemer Church Praise Band will sing Christmas carols.

The Quaker Diner will provide food and drinks.

Guests are encouraged to bring a food item to be donated to the needy this Christmas by the Town Watch/civic association. ••