Hamburglars flee empty handed

Surveillance photo

Two men broke into an Oxford Circle Burger King on Feb. 18 for no apparent reason other than they may have been drunk. Now police are trying to identify the aimless burglars.

Surveillance cameras filmed the duo as they forced open the front doors at about 2:50 a.m. The restaurant is at 5823 Castor Ave. The men stumbled into the dining area then crawled over the clerk’s counter. One of the intruders grabbed a cash register monitor and attempted to toss it across the room, but it was attached to the counter and didn’t go very far. Police said that the monitor was damaged in the incident.

The burglars then made their way into the kitchen, where they wrestled briefly over a bag of hamburger buns before tossing the bag aside. Soon, they re-emerged in the front of the restaurant, climbed over the counter again and exited through the front doors. They were last seen on foot traveling northbound on Castor Avenue.

One burglar was described as black, heavy set with a scruffy beard. He wore a dark hooded sweatshirt underneath a blue or gray jacket and blue jeans. A second burglar was described as black, thin with a long beard. He wore a dark, thick coat possibly with a round 76ers logo on the front and baggy blue jeans.

Visit the Philadelphia Police channel on to view the surveillance video. Call 215–686-TIPS or text to PPDTIP to report information. ••