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Letters to the Editor: May 28, 2014

Not one more penny

The School District of Philadelphia doesn’t deserve to get one more penny from the taxpayers of the city. Every year they claim they need at least $200 million or apocalyptic events may occur such as not being able to open, having to increase class sizes and possibly going from having four vice principals at some middle schools to only three.

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Each year they claim catastrophe, and are then bailed out with millions of dollars. They do nothing to correct the problems that get them in trouble in the first place.

Why should they if they know they can prey on the sympathies of the taxpayers by using the children as pawns? The district may institute interim layoffs and cut pay bonuses as well as some positions, but once they get their bailout, people are brought back, whether they’re really needed or not. The original pay and bonuses are restored and those laid off are rehired. The district then goes back to doing what they’ve always done, knowing full well they can count on the bailout for next time.

I think we need to be clear on what the purpose of a school is. Schools should be institutions of learning only. And that’s a hard enough job in and of itself. They are not there to raise people’s children, give them breakfast and dinners and see to every emotional need. That is the job of a parent.

If a child has special emotional issues or behavior problems, it is up to the parent to get the child the help they need so they can assimilate into the classroom environment with the other students. This should be done before they are allowed into the school system.

Having one disruptive goblin in a class does a disservice to the other students who are there to learn. So parents need to get their children straightened out before they come to the schools. There are many programs out there that are little to no cost depending on income.

If the parents are too lazy, stupid, can’t do it or don’t want to do it, then they should have thought about that before they hopped in the sack.

Peter DiGiuseppe


Private school buses a bust

Once again the privatized school bus, that is supposed to save the city money, didn’t show up to pick up my disabled daughter. This makes it three times since they took over that they have been a no-show. Two other times, they brought her home an hour late.

You call their number, which the recording says is “open 6 a.m. until the last child is dropped off,” but no one ever picks up the phone. By freak chance someone actually did answer today and said the bus has “had some mechanical difficulties” and was running late. What about the other times? Apparently the bus driver “had a previous engagement” and couldn’t pick up the kids until an hour late. So let me get this straight. The company being paid piles of money to replace our city school buses and put the drivers out of work has broken down and doesn’t have enough buses to do the job? You have no backup plan?

Good choice City Hall. Maybe you can privatize the trash pickup next. When they don’t pick up you can fine people for having cans out. Make sure you all sign up for DROP. I’m sure there’s plenty of cash for that.

Hezakiah Levinson


Donald Sterling cartoon

I am very concerned. The Northeast Times’ political cartoon shows 81-year-old Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, wearing a KKK hood. The piling on here is very distressing, considering all he did was use ugly words in a phone call. His admittedly messy personal life indicated he also does some good, like giving free tickets to poor kids and donating to the NAACP. People are complicated.

It seems the “bigotry” vilification is everywhere. Elite liberals attack anything they disagree with.

It’s no coincidence that Senate leader Harry Reid is now attacking the owner of the Washington Redskins for racism. A brilliant computer whiz at Mozilla was fired for voicing his support for traditional marriage.

The media ought to stand firmly on the side of free speech, no matter how ugly, and the rights of individuals, even if they have unpopular opinions.

Richard Iaconelli


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