Local funeral home to be featured on TV

Film crew iterviews Terry Visconto at his family’s funeral home in Rhawnhurst.

Terry Visconto, who lives at his family’s funeral home in Rhawnhurst, will be featured in an upcoming episode of You Live in What?

Visconto lives at the Visconto Funeral Home, at 2031 Vista St., on the campus of Resurrection of Our Lord Parish. The building is a former convent.

The show will air on the Great American Country cable network on July 4 at 8 p.m. and July 5 at midnight and 1 p.m. GAC is on Comcast channel 147 and Verizon channel 223. Sisters of St. Joseph nuns lived in the property from 1966 to 2000. After that, the building was used for meetings, storage, book sales and even a haunted house, but the parish could not afford to pay for utility bills and repairs.

The Rev. Joseph Howarth, the church pastor, sold the property to the Viscontos in 2010. It has a private entrance and a couple of parking spaces adjacent to the school yard.

Visconto lives on the second floor. The funeral home is on the first floor.

The show was filmed in early 2013. Other members of the Visconto family took part in the filming.

You Live in What? debuted in early 2012. The show features people living in unlikely places such as a train station, a barn, a firehouse, an ice cream factory, a radio station and a slaughterhouse. ••