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Letters to the Editor: August 27, 2014

Fight night in Mayfair?

Are you a parent of a teenager in Mayfair? You might want to take a cruise around the neighborhood to see what your angels are up to on a Saturday night. Particularly around the area of St. Matt’s on Cottman Avenue and Hawthorne Street.

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I live within seeing and hearing distance and this year has been the worst. I have nothing against them congregating in the church/school yard at all. Everybody needs a place to hang out.

The problem is, that not only are they really loud, but their language is really offensive. More so because they are in direct earshot of both the convent and the rectory.

I have a feeling that you’d be mortified to know that your son or daughter was one of the kids that was being so disrespectful. The trash is unbelievable. Wrappers, broken glass, water bottles and beer cans are all over the yard.

Tonight was eventful. The police were there. The ambulance was there. Someone had called because they thought that one of the kids had been seriously hurt in what sounded like a fight. Of course they all took off running and they seemed to be getting a thrill out of it. I have a feeling that as parents, you might not be so thrilled. Do yourself a favor; know what your teens are up to.

Jodi Mallon


This city is messed up

A methadone clinic opened up in Holmesburg. How can the Commonwealth Court, state Supreme Court and Licenses and Inspections let this happen? Why is all this money being spent on heroin addicts? They are getting a free high.

This city is messed up. I guess it is the mayor’s fault. We are laying off teachers and firefighters and closing libraries, but we can pay for methadone.

I know people who have been using it for years. Who says how long it will take for them to kick the habit. Why don’t we also open bars with free liquor and beer for alcoholics?

This city needs to take care of the children. Drug dealers go to jail, but we pay the city to sell a different drug. Tell the mayor.

Virginia Mullin


Stand behind our police

I am growing very concerned at what I see as an attack on police and civil law by the national media and the political left.

The media lynching of police officer Darren Wilson was in full swing, when a video exposing the media’s “gentle giant” Michael Brown, deflated the balloon.

Brown was shown behaving as a thug in a strong-arm robbery that occurred 15 minutes before his death. Claims of a police execution seem to be weakening, so let’s not rush to judgment before getting the whole story.

I am a firm believer in tough, independent review of the police, but I am appalled that the media cannot recognize how hard their job has become. Phones now record their every move; citizen civility is at an all-time low, and witnesses to crime often refuse to cooperate.

We must not let the selective demonization of police officers continue, or we’ll have a weak, passive force that wants to avoid all risk, rather than stand tough on crime. Police all over America should protest what is being done to Officer Wilson. I’ll gladly stand with you.

Richard Iaconelli


Stop ads attacking Wolf

The season of political ads has already started.

In Gov. Corbett re-election ads, he cites his opponent, Tom Wolf (8 percent), as paying a tax rate less than the average Pennsylvania taxpayer (approximately 18 percent). Didn’t that happen with Warren Buffet and his secretary due to the federal tax laws?

Some ads also claim that Wolf’s company avoids Pennsylvania taxes by allegedly incorporating in Delaware. If that is true, then Corbett, whose party has the majority in the Pennsylvania House and Senate, should change those laws if they feel that it is so bad. Or won’t they do that because it is only bad for your political opponents and not your political backers?

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

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