Business group aims to improve Castor Gardens

The newly formed Take Back Your Neighborhood Business Association held its first meeting on Sunday afternoon at an office at 6601 Rutland St.

The group is an offshoot of the Take Back Your Neighborhood civic association, which is based in Castor Gardens.

The business group, headed by civic leader Jared Solomon, plans to focus on the commercial corridors on Castor and Bustleton avenues.

Members want to improve the overall appearance of the avenues in the areas of infrastructure, storefronts, additional lighting and the planting of trees. They also want to address the presence of parking meters on the avenues.

A major objective would be to establish a community development corporation to better access available city and state money.

The next meeting will take place on Monday, Oct. 27, at 7 p.m. at 6601 Rutland St. Guest speakers will be from the Philadelphia Parking Authority and officials of local Boy and Girls Scouts troops, who’d be asked to help maintain trees planted outside businesses. ••