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Zoning decision reversed; NE mosque cannot expand

A 2012 zoning board decision that would have allowed a Northeast mosque to build a 65-foot minaret on its Boulevard property was reversed last week.

Larry Genetti, who lives in the neighborhood behind the Islamic Society of Greater Philadelphia’s building on the 7200 block of the Roosevelt Boulevard, had appealed the Jan. 10, 2012, Zoning Board of Adjustment decision that allowed the society to erect an addition that included a dome and a minaret on its property.

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Genetti maintained the structure would have been almost 30 feet higher than the city code allows for the area. Both parties argued their cases in front of Common Pleas Court Judge Nina Wright Padilla on Sept. 17.

On Nov. 7, the court wrote, “it is hereby ordered and decreed that the Jan. 10, 2012, decision by the Zoning Board of Adjustment, Calendar Number 15436, is hereby reversed.” ••

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