Poquessing Creek Trail officially opens

New beginnings: Mayor Michael Nutter helps cut the ribbon at the Poquessing Trail. BILL ACHUFF / FOR THE TIMES

The new 1.5-mile Poquessing Creek Trail got its official opening Dec. 10 as the mayor and other honorables cut a blue ribbon at the trail’s entrance behind Junod Playground in Parkwood.

The multiuse trail “connects neighborhood people to the natural world,” Michael DiBerardinis, deputy mayor for environmental and community relations, told a small gathering on the cold afternoon near a bridge over Black Lake Run.

The paved surface runs from behind the playground at Dunks Ferry Road through the 32-acre Poquessing Creek Park to the newly renovated Benjamin Rush State Park at Southampton Road and the Boulevard.

Counting Rush, said Marge Philippi, president of the Parkwood Civic Association, the new trail is “the second big addition to the Parkwood area.”

The trail cost $1 million, according to the mayor’s office. Funds came from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the city.

“I am proud to open this trail because it will provide Parkwood residents with recreational amenities and easier access to transportation and green space,” Mayor Michael Nutter said. ••