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Letters to the Editor: January 14, 2015

Put cameras on police

After the shooting in Ferguson, Missouri and ensuing riots, months of anti-police tensions led to the execution of two police officers in New York. The continuing anger has finally hit home in our neighborhood as well. The death of Brandon Tate-Brown in Mayfair was followed by a protest march against what some have called police brutality. It wrongly has increased anti-police attitudes in the black community as well as increasing anti-black feelings by some police, both of which are very undesirable outcomes.

According to authorities, during the police stop of Tate-Brown for driving without headlights in the middle of the night, police saw a gun in the car’s center console and as Tate-Brown reached for it (a .22-caliber pistol loaded with eight live rounds), he was shot once in the head and died.

The Northeast Times printed a photograph of a protester at the rally carrying a sign that said, “Brandon Tate-Brown shot in the back of the head by Phila. police while he was unarmed and his back was turned.” How can these two versions of the same event be reconciled?

It seems that if all police cars were fitted with dash mounted cameras and police were fitted with body video cameras that recorded audio, these devices would clarify the sequence of events and would provide physical evidence as to what really happened. Put it on the TV news without commentary and viewers could better decide who was at fault for the incident. It could save lives — both police and public. The use of these devices would in the long run be cost-effective.

Mel Flitter

Fox Chase

Killing is unacceptable

The killing of innocent cops and of unarmed black men are both equally unacceptable. Yes, if a cop says stop where you are, you should stop. No you shouldn’t curse at a police officer nor should you ever point a toy gun at a police officer. Nevertheless that is not a valid reason to kill unarmed black men or boys. I find it really difficult to listen to the harsh and cruel judgments of white people who have never walked a day in a black person’s shoes. Also it’s unbelievable how fast cops are to kill a black male just for “acting” suspicious but white males shoot up entire movie theaters, kindergarten classes and malls yet they’re just labeled “mentally ill” and thrown into prison. America as a whole has a lot of changes to make if we’re going to succeed as a nation.

Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter.

Maria Laws


Thank you for supporting ‘Cut for the Cure’

This is a thank you from New Image Hair Salon, which was located in the Tremont Shopping Center before losing our lease.

For over 10 years we ran an ad in the Northeast Times letting our neighbors know that on the third weekend of October monies raised from hair treatments, cuts, items sold or donations from the band or the moon bounce would be donated to cancer research under the name “Cut for the Cure.”

For the last two years material was given to businesses along Roosevelt Boulevard, from Welsh Road to Red Lion Road, Red Lion Road to Frankford Avenue. Frankford Avenue to Willits Road and Willits Road back to Roosevelt Boulevard. The only business agreeing to donate over the last two years was Giant Foods located off of the Boulvard and Grant Avenue.

“Cut for the Cure” and the Cancer Research Fund want to thank you. If you were going to make a donation but lost the request letter, another one can be delivered. Call 215–677–0363 and ask for Bob.

Any amount will be accepted and donations of $20 or higher will receive hair cut certificates good at either of our two shops. The higher the donation, the more certificates you receive. If you do wish to donate it can be by check only. Thanks again, Giant Foods.

Cut for the Cure is a 501 ©(3) public charity and 100 percent of donations are contributed to cancer research and are 100 percent deductible.

We will run a thank you letter every year. All businesses that donate will be included in that letter. I hope that we can count on you.

Two businesses who refused to help at all lost my business, which totaled between $7,000 and $12,000 a month. If you refuse to help then you don’t need my business or the others who associate with this charity.

The manager at Giant Foods offered to help before I decided to give him all my business. Dan, thanks again — you have a big heart.

Robert Feldman

Winchester Park

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