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SPIN transparency recognized

Special People In Northeast recently got high praise for the transparency of its operations from the GuideStar Exchange, which helps the public monitor nonprofits.

GuideStar originally was set up to help connect nonprofits to potential contributors, SPIN organizational development director Joanne La Pergola said Friday.

Anyone can go to www.guidestar.org to check on a nonprofit to see if it is genuine, how it raises its money and how it spends it, La Pergola said.

SPIN, which aids children with and without disabilities and adults with disabilities, recently received GuideStar’s “gold participation level” designation for transparency and accountability.

In order to be awarded the GuideStar Exchange logo, SPIN had to give GuideStar an exhaustive accounting of its operations, La Pergola said.

And that’s ongoing, she said. SPIN, which has facilities in the Northeast, Mount Airy, Roxborough and Germantown, has to keep that information current with GuideStar every two years. ••

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