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Letters to the Editor: March 18, 2015

A voice for the Northeast

I love Northeast Philadelphia. My husband John and I chose to raise our family and plant roots here when we purchased our home in Parkwood, just four blocks away from where John grew up. We wanted to instill in our three children the same working-class ethic and family values that so many families share in our neighborhoods. Our neighbors are like family. I am running for state representative to protect our neighborhoods in the Northeast and preserve its legacy as a tight-knit, blue-collar community of strong, hard-working people.

As a working mother of three children, I want to ensure that the Northeast remains a safe place to live and raise a family. We need more police, firemen and EMTs in our neighborhoods to better serve our community. We need to improve our schools by providing them with the funding and resources so our children get the quality teachers they deserve. We need to give our seniors the highest quality of life because they shaped the Northeast into the stronghold of community it is today. We need to support our local unions and bring more jobs to Philadelphia. We need to fight for equal pay for all women and raise the minimum wage for all citizens. We need to improve Northeast Philadelphia for future generations.

As a community activist, educator and nonprofit founder and director, I have helped people with disabilities and served the less fortunate my whole life. I led by example with my actions and learned by doing through my experiences. With your help and your vote, I can be the voice for our neighborhoods in Northeast Philadelphia in Harrisburg. Together, we can protect our families and neighborhoods.

Sarah DelRicci

Democratic candidate, 170th Legislative District

Showing support for White

My husband and I recently met Martina White, who is a candidate for state rep in our area. It was the day of the snowstorm, but Martina took the time to speak with us and answered our questions without hesitation. We were impressed by her energy and passion for the Northeast. It became clear from our conversation that she brings the right mix of experiences, as both a life-long resident of the area and as a financial adviser, to properly represent us in Harrisburg. My husband and I are excited to support Martina White on March 24.

Clare Bucciarelli-Loranger


Councilman Henon sponsoring upcoming forums

Listen to your constituents.

That was one of the first and best pieces of advice Joan Krajewski gave me when I took over for her in City Council. In nearly four years, I’ve come to learn much more about what she meant. To influence long-term, substantive change in our neighborhoods, government needs to talk with our neighborhoods, not just at them. Instead of laying out an action plan, I need your help to create one. It’s a new effort called Northeast 2020.

The mission is simple: bring together each of Northeast Philadelphia’s neighborhoods to form a strong, unified and community-driven action plan for the next four years. Join your neighbors and decide what you want your Northeast to look like by 2020.

Northeast residents are at our best when we come together to solve problems as one unit. Remember when civic associations joined under the common goal of splitting the 15th Police District? In the end, our coalition secured an unprecedented infusion of 30 new police officers assigned to the district.

Northeast 2020 is no different. Residents will come together with policy makers, thought leaders and others to find solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing our neighborhoods. I’m only asking that three rules guide our work:

Sign up: Let us know you’re ready to get to work. We are hosting four issue forums, starting on April 10. You will receive briefing materials for each forum in advance — so study up.

Show up: Each forum will allow residents to bring neighborhood-specific concerns surrounding an issue to the table. Moderators will help facilitate discussion and, after each forum, an action plan will be developed.

Speak up: Want to get more nurses in schools? Let’s figure out how many and make it happen. Need a stop sign for your block? Sign up, show up and speak up to make your voice heard.

It’s a lot of work, but we can do it. Our civic dialogue is much stronger when everyone has a voice in it. Visit www.northeast2020.com for a full list of issue forums, dates and locations.

Bobby Henon

Councilman, 6th District

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