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Security video released in 7-eleven robbery

Surveillance photo

A man who walked into a Tacony convenience store demanding money may not have mentioned anything about a weapon, but his dark mask made his intentions clear.

Police say the bandit held up the 7-eleven at 6919 Torresdale Ave. at about 3:22 a.m. on April 19. Surveillance cameras recorded the crime.

The robber simply entered the store, demanded money from a 20-year-old male clerk and grabbed cash from the open register drawer before fleeing eastbound on Disston Street toward Vandike Street. The robber almost blew his cover, as evidenced in the video, when he allowed his cap to fall off his head and onto the floor. The crook spun, grabbed the lid, and sprinted out the door.

He was described as black, bald, with a Navy blue sweatshirt, black and white bandana, black mask, dark jeans and tan boots. The video appears to show him wearing a jeff cap, although police described it as a baseball cap.

Visit the Philadelphia Police channel on YouTube.com to view the surveillance video. Call 215–686-TIPS or text PPD TIP to report information. ••

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