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Home News NE man to stand trial for girlfriend’s murder

NE man to stand trial for girlfriend’s murder

A Frankford man has been ordered to stand trial for murder after stabbing his girlfriend to death and burying her corpse in a shallow grave behind their apartment building.

Jeffrey Bowen, 30, is accused of slaying Kelly Hepfl, 39, on March 20 on the 4700 block of Frankford Ave.

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In an often bizarre preliminary hearing on June 15, a neighbor reportedly testified that she heard Bowen arguing with a woman in their apartment. A short time later, Bowen showed up at the neighbor’s door, asking her to give him a condom. Bowen was holding blood-covered gloves, but the neighbor didn’t call police. Instead, she gave him the contraceptive, according to a Daily News account of the hearing.

The witness further testified that she later saw Bowen in the hallway wearing women’s pajamas and at a neighborhood store asking other patrons for bolt cutters. When she reported the odd behavior to a resident building manager, he showed her surveillance video in which Bowen was seen tampering with hallway cameras.

The building manager testified that Bowen came to his apartment seeking a shovel. Around the same time, the manager noticed a suspicious mound of freshly-moved dirt in the backyard. On March 24, he called police, who found Hepfl’s remains and arrested Bowen nearby after a brief chase and struggle.

Bowen will be arraigned in Common Pleas Court on July 7. ••

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