Letters to the Editor: August 26, 2015

Get rid of speed cushions

I have been a Kovats Drive resident for over 30 years. In that period, I have traveled Southampton Road countless times. I can’t recall any major accidents or police pulling people over for speeding.

Recently, speed cushions have been installed on Southampton Road, the purpose of which is baffling. What evil traffic engineer designed these things? In a half-mile stretch, there are seven cushions, a stop sign and a traffic light. Can you say overkill? These cushions are mostly in front of Arbours, the 55-plus homes.

Rumor has it that they requested these cushions and that the Somerton Civic Association approved it because no one from the community opposed it, let alone knew about it. On any given weekday rush hour during the school year — prior to the cushions — traffic can be backed up from Worthington Road to Roosevelt Boulevard. Now, I can only imagine the added traffic will potentially force cars to be stuck in the intersection of the Boulevard and Southampton Road.

I can foresee accidents because people are unfamiliar with how to navigate the cushions or scared to ruin their cars and go slower than the posted speed limit of 25 miles-per-hour. Or, they fly over them and potentially will hit the “slow” cars. What happens when it snows and the road needs to be plowed? Can’t wait for that!

These cushions must go!

Ed Roccia


Thanks Home Depot, Kohl’s

This letter expresses thanks and appreciation to two retail stores that demonstrated acts of excellent corporate citizenship, namely the Home Depot at 1336 Bristol Pike in Bensalem (manager Stacey Mastrocola) and the Kohl’s Department Store at Street and Knights roads in Bensalem (manager Marjorie Tillman).

I volunteer at the no-kill PAWS animal shelter at 1810 Grant Ave., and try to donate items that are much needed in the care of these animals. As a senior citizen, my discretionary income is limited.

Both of the above store managers were gracious enough to extend to me substantial discounts when I was purchasing (with my own funds) items for use at the center. They deserve accolades from everyone for this generosity, and I hope your readers acknowledge their goodwill the next time they visit these stores.

Theresa K. Cassidy


Martina White distorts Gov. Wolf’s state budget

I was alarmed to read state Rep. Martina White’s stilted take on the issues surrounding the current budget gridlock in Harrisburg. During her campaign, I recall supporters touting Ms. White as a moderating voice in the conservative Republican majority. Based on her distortions of Gov. Wolf’s budget, Ms. White has abandoned moderation in favor of a lock-step march with conservative leadership.

Let’s set the record straight. The Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center suggests Wolf’s budget provides $59 million more than the Republican alternative for new school funding in the 170th District. It provides $359 worth of property tax relief for average district home owners.

The Republicans? Zero. 5,306 district workers get a raise with the governor’s proposed minimum wage hike. Under the Republicans? None. Passing Wolf’s budget means that we benefit from $251 million in wage tax relief. The Republicans offer Northeast Philadelphia no wage tax relief.

Three of Rep. White’s criticisms are especially galling. First, she faults Wolf for a proposed sales tax hike from 6 to 6.6 percent. She fails to mention that Republicans supported a higher (7 percent) increase this past May under HB 504.

She suggests that her goal is defending “working class families” from shortsighted policies; yet Ms. White fails to explain how working class families benefit from a “mass exodus” of Pennsylvania State Troopers which, according to the Pennsylvania State Troopers Association, may occur if Republicans enact their public pension reform.

Finally, Ms. White trumpets the “responsible budget” passed by the Republicans. However, the Associated Press reported that their budget was actually a symbolic gesture passed despite “misgivings” or “outright opposition” by some lawmakers because they knew Gov. Wolf would veto it.

I encourage Rep. White to stop spreading misinformation and, instead, work toward a bi-partisan compromise that will actually benefit her district.

Matthew J. Darragh