Letters to the Editor: November 25, 2015

We need new political party

I disagree strongly with the conventional wisdom expressed in reader Matthew J. Darragh’s letter published last week, that Philadelphians did not go to the polls due to widespread apathy.

Having campaigned door-to-door in my neighborhood and others throughout the Northeast with, and in support of, the Socialist Workers Party candidates for mayor and City Council at large, I am convinced that workers did not vote in large numbers because they did not see anyone worth supporting.

Walmart workers Osborne Hart for mayor and John Staggs for City Council at large and their supporters were greeted with lively political discussion, debate and interest when we visited residents throughout the city and beyond. The proposal we campaigned for, that workers form a labor party to defend working-class interests, was met with serious attention from those we visited. The lack of significant media coverage to these working class candidates limited the hearing they received.

The recognition by hundreds of thousands of Philadelphia citizens, that the Democrats and Republicans don’t represent anything worth supporting is one I applaud. What remains is to build a party that warrants support, on picket lines, in demonstrations, in action — yes — even at the polls.

Mitchel Rosenberg


He’s not voting anymore

In response to Matthew J. Darragh urging all to vote, I agree theoretically with all he said.

In actuality, however I had, ironically, decided after the Nov. 3 election that I am not voting again while I live in Philadelphia. It is simply pointless.

I have not missed a single vote in 40 years. However, mine is one of three futile Republican votes in this city. Nothing I vote for ever comes to pass and nothing I vote against ever fails to happen, so why should I continue to participate in a ceremonial farce? Even this paper reported that none of the Republicans got any more than 15 percent of the vote.

I will vote again only if anyone can convince me I have a reason to do so. Did I vote for Nutter’s annual double-digit increases in property taxes? Arlene Ackerman? A temporary-till-the-end-of-time bonus 2 percent sales tax? Nutter twice? Screw it! Have a nice day.

Skip Miron

Hey Wolf, our children deserve to have school books

I would like to know why the state budget — or lack thereof — is not in the daily news cycle.

I don’t understand why every parent isn’t up in arms and lobbying their state representatives and senators every day. The children in school have not gotten any textbooks or workbooks so far this year because Gov. Wolf will not sign the budget.

Really, Gov. Wolf? Do you think that this is why you were elected?

School children with no books, that’s quite a feather in your cap, isn’t it?

That same sentiment goes for our state representatives as well. You should all be ashamed.

In prior years, there was always a compromise for the schools to get their books whenever there was a stalemate over passing the budget. What is different about this year? It’s like the children are being held hostage in the budget crisis.

I work at St. Dominic School in the office and I see what our teachers are going through in order to teach our children. They are going above and beyond to make sure the children have lessons on paper to learn from. This is also such an additional waste of paper because there are no books.

Our parents pay taxes just like every other citizen in the state, but they choose to send their child to a Catholic school.

It seems like they are being discriminated against because of it. The children deserve to have their school books, Gov. Wolf. Sign the budget!

Every parent and concerned citizen should be writing to their state reps and calling Gov. Wolf’s office to voice their displeasure over this delay. This is no way to run a state government.

Jeanne Steitz