Letters to the Editor: December 2, 2015

Thank you, O’Neill’s office

have been a proud resident of Northeast Philadelphia for almost 60 years now and I felt that I needed to send a letter in regards to the help our neighborhood received from Councilman Brian O’Neill and his office. It was a breath of fresh air to actually call a public office, have a person listen to you, be concerned and follow up on your needs, and that was the response I received from Councilman O’Neill’s office.

I know it is imperative that the Northeast have a councilman who is dedicated to his constituents. If O’Neill says he is going to get the job done, then he gets the job done. I wanted the Northeast Times to know how he helped us and that he is truly here to serve.

We had a tree located in front of 8590 Benton Ave. that has been critical and dangerous, and Councilman O’Neill and his staff were relentless in getting the city to remove this tree, thus eliminating the threat it posed to the children who play on our street, the cars, the houses as well as the electrical wires that would all have been destroyed if that tree had fallen. Now, the tree has been removed, and our neighbors can feel safe in knowing that the tree is no longer a threat, but also that we have a person in politics who actually cares about us.

Kathleen Hottenstein

Bell’s Corner

Wilted, but still blooming

How very fortunate I am to not only have established my small business in Fox Chase, but to live here as well. This community continues to show genuine concern since the accident involving my studio several weeks ago. A truck hit the building and caused major structural damage. Although it is now under long-term construction, it had the potential for so much worse.

Thankfully, no students were in there at the time. It was a freak accident that could’ve sent my business into a downward spiral. But, thanks to St. Cecilia Church and School, our classes can continue until our new studio is ready. Thanks to Joseph’s Pizza and the Loudenslager American Legion Post 366, our children’s birthday parties can go on as scheduled.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support. They mean more to us than you may ever realize. And a special thank you to all of the police, firemen and L&I for a job well done. We are hoping to begin the New Year in our new studio, but planting our roots offsite for now.

Nora McCloskey

Blooming Artist Studio

He’s appalled by decision to bring refugees here

I am outraged by Tom Wolf’s decision to bring refugees here and Jim Kenney’s statement of support that read, “Philadelphia has a long history of being a city of refuge for those in need — welcoming Quakers, Irish immigrants, Sudanese refugees and many others.”

First of all, these people come from a time period where there was no threat of world terrorism and radical ideology to destroy American ideals. The Quakers, Irish, etc. came here to find work and assimilate to our way of life, not to come here with hatred and disrespect for America.

So get your history right.

And let us not forget the refugees who were unleashed into Florida by Castro in the 1970s who brought in a lot of undesirable criminals who inspired the movie Scarface. History is again repeating itself.

Secondly, we are at war. Ever since 9/11, we have been at war with radical Islamists and we should have never let our guard down for one minute.

What happened to homeland security? Ever since the two terms of our present “president,” also our so-called “commander in chief,” our homeland security has been lax. Have we forgotten the Boston Marathon bombings?

I am also appalled by newly elected Mayor Kenney actually applauding Wolf’s decision. These two Democratic social reformists are not concerned with the present safety of Philadelphia’s citizens, because the refugees are not placed in Wolf’s and Kenney’s own backyards.

Why don’t these two socialists worry about who’s stealing the Philadelphia school district’s money each year when the city has a deficit of funds.

Al Ulus