Letters to the Editor: January 6, 2016

No faith in the Eagles

No, I am not a fan of Chip Kelly. But, Eagles fans and team ownership should not think bringing in a new coach will solve their problems. This has been tried before and has failed.

The team’s problems lay within ownership philosophy and operational management. Their selection process of employees including athletes is dysfunctional and needs remediation. To hire a new coach who has not fought for a championship in the National Football League on a regular basis would leave fans and the city shortchanged.

The team’s reputation has left some of the better coaching talent hesitant about coming to Philly and will probably deter some this time. When The Linc begins seeing empty seats, the fans will get what they want from their ownership and no sooner.

Myles Gordon


White distorting facts

In an open letter posted to her Facebook page on Dec. 29, state Rep. Martina White claims that she’s a new kind of elected official. However, her misrepresentations about Gov. Wolf and the ongoing state budget crisis belie that claim. White said that Wolf is plotting “major tax hikes” to facilitate increased spending on education. Actually, raising the personal income tax from 3.07 percent to 3.57 percent would cost a Pennsylvania family in the middle-income bracket about $151 per year, according to the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center. That doesn’t seem like too high a price to pay for our children’s future.

White also grossly misrepresented Wolf by suggesting he “walked away” from a severance tax on natural gas. In reality, Wolf was willing to table the issue of a severance tax in order to compromise with powerful members of White’s caucus. If she’d like to change someone’s mind, she should try Republican House Speaker Mike Turzai, a staunch opponent of the shale tax. Over the summer, he declared it DOA by saying, “It’s going to stop energy independence, and it’s going to stop the growth of jobs in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.”

White fancies herself a “different” kind of politician. Unfortunately, distorting the facts in an effort to score political points suggests that may be wishful thinking.

Matthew J. Darragh

Candidate for State Representative, 170th Legislative District

Cable bills are too high

I just found out a few weeks ago that Philadelphia City Council voted to allow $450 million for Mosiac Casino to be built on a Holiday Inn site in South Philadelphia near the sports complex.

The big question is, will that help lower our property taxes as we have been promised by Mayor Nutter and City Council?

Will that bring more crime and heavy traffic, adding more woes for all of us? Maybe someone can answer that for us.

Also, Michael Nutter and Comcast had signed a 15-year deal, bringing more than $18 million a year to the city coffers, and we all have been paying high prices for cable. It used to be $60 a month, now costs $70 more, and that’s one cable box less.

What greed!

Robert F. Schaffer


Thanks for donations

Thank you to everyone who generously donated winter coats to my Homeless Veterans Coat Drive.

Because of your generosity, my staff and I were able to donate several bags of usable winter coats and cold weather gear to veterans in our area who are homeless, or who are in transition. The good people of our district always come through for those in need.

I am grateful for your generosity and proud to serve as your state representative. We are still accepting winter coats in my district office at 19 S. York Road in Hatboro if anyone still wishes to donate.

Rep. Thomas P. Murt

State Representative, 152nd Legislative District