Two officers honored for police work

Officers of the Month: Pictured are (from left) Capt. John McCloskey and Police Officers Martin Klepac and Brian Wolf. SOURCE: 15TH POLICE DISTRICT

Philadelphia Police Officers Brian Wolf and Martin Klepac were recognized as Officers of the Month for November during a recent meeting of the 15th Police District Advisory Council.

On Nov. 11, Wolf and Klepac captured a Frankford man who was suspected of firing a gunshot during a domestic dispute. The officers were called to the shooting scene on the 4700 block of Duffield St. and were met by a brother and sister.

The brother told the officers that he was at his home on the 800 block of W. Tioga St. in North Philadelphia when he heard someone start his sister’s car, which had been parked outside. When he went outside to check on the car, he saw that someone had attempted to steal it. The car had been driven to the end of his block and crashed. The ignition had been “popped.”

The siblings went to the Duffield Street address to speak to the sister’s ex-boyfriend, who lived there. The siblings allegedly saw the boyfriend run into his house and reemerge with a handgun, which he used to shoot at the brother. The gunman then fled the house. There were no injuries.

Wolf and Klepac took the victims’ statements and searched the neighborhood. They found the suspect walking nearby a short time later. Police subsequently found a spent .22-caliber shell casing at the suspect’s house. ••