15th district officers recognized

Well-earned honors: Officers Melissa Rivera (left) and Rachael Mahoney were honored as Officers of the Month. SOURCE: 15TH POLICE DISTRICT

Usually police officers win Officer of the Month awards for stopping crime. But Officers Melissa Rivera and Rachael Mahoney of the 15th district were recently recognized for bringing joy to the community.

Last November, Rivera and Mahoney were called to Turning Point for Children at 4329 Griscom St. in Frankford due to a disturbance. The agency helps reunite children who are in Department of Human Services custody with their parents. While on site, the officers settled the disturbance and learned that the children served by the agency would not be with their parents for Christmas.

So the officers returned to their district and took a collection among fellow officers, raising $400. On Dec. 21, Rivera and Mahoney used the money to buy gifts for the kids. Two days later, the officers delivered the presents to 21 children at Turning Point. Lt. John Ryan recommended Rivera and Mahoney for the Officer of the Month award. Capt. John McCloskey approved the nomination. ••