Letters to the Editor: February 17, 2016

Solomon will help NE

I’ve just made up my mind for who I want to represent me in Harrisburg for the next two years and hopefully for years to come. On Election Day, I will be voting for Jared Solomon to be my next state representative.

A few weeks ago, I was walking by Max Myers playground on Bustleton Avenue and noticed a community cleanup for the Martin Luther King Day of Service. I wandered into the recreation center building to investigate further and was greeted warmly by Jared Solomon and other members of the Take Back Your Neighborhood community group.

Mr. Solomon must be everywhere in the Northeast. This was my third encounter with Mr. Solomon in just as many weeks. The first encounter was at my front door, the second was when I popped into his campaign office at the intersection of Magee Avenue and Rutland Street, but this experience at Max Myers was by far the most memorable.

Watching Mr. Solomon brave the sub-freezing temperatures just to help beautify our neighborhood was very moving to me. I can say that I have never seen any politician withstand such frigid and blustery weather just to help out his neighborhood.

I truly appreciate all of Mr. Solomon’s hard work. I look forward to casting my ballot for Jared Solomon on April 26 and I implore each and every person reading this to do the same. This man will change our neighborhood for the better.

Sherie Edelman

Castor Gardens

Thank you, neighbors

On Sunday, Jan. 24, my husband called 911 to have me taken to the emergency room at Aria. Meanwhile, our neighbors were shoveling our walkway, and my husband mentioned that we were waiting for 911.

Our friends advised our other neighbors of the situation, and they all went into action. They shoveled the street so the ambulance could make it up the street. We are very grateful to all our neighbors on Kenny Road for their kindness.

Peg and Leo Zysk


New stadium a bad idea

Would you want a football stadium in your neighborhood? That’s what Temple University’s Board of Trustees wants to “bless” North Philadelphians with.

A new 35,000-seat stadium will create traffic bedlam — just ask South Philadelphians — increase health risks due to noxious and toxic fumes and reduce parking availability for neighborhood residents.

North Philadelphia residents have sacrificed enough over the years to my alma mater. First, Temple should spend whatever it takes to achieve an 80-percent employment rate among neighborhood residents as a gesture of goodwill before asking for any more sacrifices.

Currently, many citizens are struggling to make ends meet; the crime rate is high; and life dreams are fading away.

Let Temple put $100 million to more gainfully employ their graduates, provide more medical research funds toward major illnesses and build their international academic presence.

Fortunately, Mayor Kenney opposes the idea.

Myles Gordon


Thank you to Council aide

I had a problem with the Water Department for the past year. I sold my house on Burholme Avenue in March 2015. There was a double payment made to the Water Department at this time and I have made several phone calls and spent countless hours trying to redeem the money owed to me.

I was extremely frustrated and called City Councilman Brian O’Neill’s office. I was lucky enough to have Linda Gaynor answer the phone. She has spent so much time on my problem, but would not give up until it was resolved. I just wanted you to know that I am very grateful for her professionalism, patience and kindness in dealing with this issue. Thank you again to Linda for all of her time and help. You’re a great person.

Marguerite Kurczewski

Fox Chase