Letters to the Editor: May 11, 2016

Max Myers needs work

Wherever you stand on the soda tax, the fact remains that the need is great for increased funding, especially for Max Myers Rec Center, which is stuck in the 1950s. It needs renovation, more sports teams and after-school activities. Unfortunately, the available space is too small. The demographic served by Max Myers is one of the most economically depressed in the city and has been on a downward spiral for decades. Because of this, the owner of the old Neuman Center thinks no one will care when he turns it into a post drug rehab facility for women.

That building is just waiting to be converted into a community school in accordance with the mayor’s vision and would be cheaper than building something new. A community school is the hub of the neighborhood and should be open to everyone every day.

Adding the Neuman Center building to Max Myers would be an economical way to help non-English speaking neighbors, provide needed medical and dental services unmet by District 10, decrease crime and employ already qualified community members to staff it. There are no programs for adults or seniors other than karate. Our demographic is Hispanic, Asian, Brazilian, Haitian and African. There are no bilingual staffers, and lack of communication results in no involvement and no stake in the community.

We can partner with Solis-Cohen and Spruance to provide students with all services such as: math and reading, health clinic, eye clinic, dental clinic, mental health clinic, etc. We can provide the services that the schools are not able to address.

Additionally, we can provide classes and activities for all ages during the evening hours when adults can attend. This will decrease crime in the area, and it will engage and provide activities for every age group. There can be services for immigrants in the neighborhood, such as ESL classes, finding vocations, how to dress and interview, filling out an application for employment, etc.

Max Myers needs a guardian angel.

Pam Baranackie

Castor Gardens

Trump’s credibility

Donald Trump has stated that he is currently under IRS audit and claims to be audited every year.

Due to this, he has stated he will not make his tax returns public.

Every other candidate has released their tax returns even though some of those tax returns are still available under the IRS statute of limitations for audit.

I believe that voters must be allowed to see what Mr. Trump and his attorneys or accountants have sworn under the penalties of perjury are true and correct to the best of their knowledge.

After the audit is over, he then can release any changes made by the IRS.

We need to know his credibility before we cast our votes.

Mayer Krain

Modena Park

Our city needs help

Our new mayor did an Obama on us. He announced post his election we were going to be a sanctuary city. I do not recall him ever mentioning this during his campaign.

Why would one person have full discretion on this issue? This should have been a question on the ballot for the voters to decide.

Whatever happened to a government of the people, for the people, by the people?

Well Philly voters, this is what happens when you only have one party and keep electing career politicians. Absolute power is dangerous.

There is a word to describe when you keep repeating the same thing and expect a different result. Wake up, our city is in dire straits.

Anthony Dello Russo

Fox Chase

Time to shift focus

I am 85 years old. There was a question on the ballot about a “Commission on African-American Males,” which would recommend responses to challenges facing them in Philadelphia. This passed in the last election. My question: Why isn’t one for “white” males’ problems in Philadelphia? Nobody cares about them? Thank you.

Philomena Amati