Letters to the Editor: June 29, 2016

Importance of voting

One thing you have to praise for Britons on their vote to exit the European Union is just that: citizens of Britain voted on the issue.

There’s much to be said for the democratic process in a country we as Americans once saw from the start of the 1776 revolution — a monarchy nation. On this issue, it wasn’t the lawmakers passing the referendum, but the voice of its citizens.

However here in America, do we the citizens have the same voice when it comes to decisions of our welfare? We elect our officials to represent us in Washington. When it comes down to voting on issues, the lawmakers supposedly should act on our behalf and for our benefit. But do we really have a say on the outcome? Any issues that affect us personally, such as healthcare, immigration, gun violence or putting up the Great Wall of America, we as citizens have the right to go to the polls and have our voices heard.

Voting on such issues should depend on the country’s people rather than lawmakers in Washington. Just like for people of England, isn’t it time for us Americans to voice our opinions on issues that will directly affect our livelihood? It’s time, since the implementation of the United States Constitution, to allow its own citizens to partake in the electoral process of its own well being on matters that will impact our safety, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, from our side of the fence and not behind the walls of government.

Al Ulus


Wave the flag proudly

I am writing about the recent op-ed by Pat Dugan: “Memorial Day is more about heroes than barbecues.”

I am 85 years old, a widow for 21 years. In my 20s, I worked at the Marine Headquarters in South Philadelphia during the Korea conflict for 10 years. This was a wonderful tribute to our people serving in the military, now and in the past.

There are only two houses on my block showing the flag this Memorial Day. After 9/11, everyone flew the flag. Now nobody does. Thank you for your article.

My father fought in World War I in France and never talked about his service, and I have his flag now when he died in 1980. I would like to donate it to a veterans group. But due to my age, I don’t know how to give it to them. We have these people that do not care about our country, only what they can get out of it.

Many thanks again for your article.

Philomena Amati


Don’t buy Mondelez

Mondelez (Nabisco’s parent company) is, bit by bit, sending its production to Mexico. They’ve already closed the Philadelphia bakery, now they’re working on Chicago. The reason, of course, is lower wages and lack of workplace regulation. It’s not that they’re not profitable (last year’s revenue was $34,244,000,000 [yes that’s 34 billion]). They’re just greedy.

One problem is that all of these unemployed American (and Canadian) families will still be here, and we’ll have to take care of them. Not that they want that but it is inevitable. If you think about it, we will be subsidizing this company through taxes on our system.

There is, however, a simple way to reverse this process. All you, as a shopper, need do is look at the label. If it says “Made in Mexico,” just don’t buy it.

You think it sounds too simple? The one and only thing companies care about is profit. If their Mexico product isn’t selling, they will come back. They’ll have to. Not to Philly, but to North America.

I don’t know about you but I am tired of being treated like so much cattle by these big companies. This is an opportunity for us, the little guy, to make a difference.

Please check the label.

James P. Cantwell


We need a PGW office

How come there is no Philadelphia Gas Works office in the Northeast? They have offices in the North Philadelphia area, Center City, Germantown, South Philadelphia, 4410 Frankford Ave. and West Philadelphia.

They did have one about eight years ago on Bustleton Avenue, but they closed it down and City Council did nothing to stop it.

It’s a hardship for the seniors to go elsewhere if they have a problem.

The Northeast is probably a bigger area than the other locations I listed. I contacted Bobby Henon and Mike Fitzpatrick offices but to no avail.

Maybe we can get somebody out there to do something — a politician, but I doubt it.

Gary Gelb

Castor Gardens